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Monday, January 26, 2015

Captain Black: Video: New Detectives, Trial of The Century

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I have to believe that looking at the evidence from the outside in the O.J. Simpson case, the case against O.J. Simpson that the man has to be guilty of murdering Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. I think commonsense has to tell you that especially the fact that O.J.’s blood is all over the crime scene. A holy bloody river, game, set, match at least as far as I’m concern. I mean if I’m a prosecutor or a police detective or sergeant and you forget about all the side stories in this case, I don’t think I could dream of a better case to have.

And having said all that with perfect case presented to the Los Angeles Police Department and District Attorney’s Office, they still managed to screw it up. But putting that all aside, if I’m on that jury and even with Mark Furhman garbage in the case that makes him look like he should have no business in law enforcement, except as a defendant, just based on the evidence in front of me I would have to think that O.J. is probably guilty here. Otherwise what is all of O.J.’s blood doing at the crime scene.

One of the best cases possible that you could possibly dream of, at least as far as the evidence. And the jury in that case still screwed it up and that is assuming that they actually went into the case with an open mind and didn’t decide well before that they weren’t going to vote guilty regardless. And just argue that Detective Furhman planted all the evidence against O.J. Including his blood, which would be borderline impossible to imagine. I mean Furhman would’ve had to of stabbed O.J. over and over to get all of that blood out of him.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Delicately Durable: Video: O.J. Simpson Trial: Drama of a Century

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on WordPress

Without the O.J. Simpson trial would we of gotten so-called reality TV that became popular in the late 1990s or so? The O.J. trial was reality TV because it was real and it was happening everyday. Not wannabe celebrities who find themselves on a TV show and act out trying to make a career for themselves as a full-time celebrity if nothing else. And this certainly wasn’t a fictional drama. This was a real thing with real murder victims and a real defendant.

And not Joe Smith Pittsburgh truck driver defendant who perhaps was caught driving his truck drunk and ends up killing someone as a result. This was one of the most popular celebrities and former athletes of all-time. Who also made a career for himself as an NFL analyst for NBC Sports and as well as a somewhat accomplished movie actor and corporate spokesman. Who also lives in the entertainment capital of the world in Los Angeles. Who was culturally and racially mainstream and loved by Americans of all backgrounds.

But if that is not enough for you. throw in a wealthy famous African-American man, accused of murdering his ex-wife who is Anglo and their friend Ron Goldman who is Jewish. And throw tensions between the African-American and Jewish-American communities, at least in Los Angeles. The justifiable mistrust of the African-American community, perhaps especially in Los Angeles of law enforcement. I mean better scripts aren’t written in Hollywood than this.

If you want to know why celebrity culture at least in my opinion is out of control and why it now replaces and takes over for hard news, I give you the O.J. Simpson trial of 1994-95. Perhaps the two most unforgettable years at least in the last twenty years or so. Because now you have the internet, even in its early days to go along with cable news. And then throw in where it happened and who the defendant is and there’s no secret why this case got as much attention that it did.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Lenny Kravitz: Video: Dream, Martin Luther King Day

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I think it is pretty clear that within the last few weeks, months if not year of Dr. King’s life that he knew his time was coming to an end and it was just a matter of time. That he already had been sentenced to death by Anglo racists and if wasn’t James Ray that assassinated him, some other racist asshole to put it frankly was going to nail him. And that Dr. King wasn’t going to do whatever possible to simply stay alive, because he wanted to use his time to get his message out as much as possible. He made that clear in his last speech the night before he was killed about he’s seen the promise land and that he might not get there with you. But his dream is still alive thanks to him and over forty-five years later we’re closer to racial quality and racial tolerance than we ever have been as a country.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Leg Street: Video: Rebekka in Tight Denim Jeans in High Leather Boots

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Short video, the women is a little flat for me in the rear and the boots are a bit high for my taste. The whole idea of the jeans in boots look is to be able to see both on the women. Which is why calf high knee-high boots, or even calf high boots tend are more common, more popular, certainly mainstream even to the point now you’ll see sexy women wearing jeans in boots to work. Not sure if I would want to work with a women dressed like that, at least not in a formal setting. Especially if I actually have work to do. If I’m working on a ranch or something, if anything I would welcome working with women dressed like that. But given all that, still a short sexy video.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Jim Morrison Project: Blog: Jim Morrison's 1967 Shelby Mustang, Best Quality

Jim Morrison: Blog: Jim Morrison's 1967 Shelby Mustang, Best Quality

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This video was part of a 2010 PBS film about The Doors, really about Jim Morrison and The Doors, which what really drew my interest to the film that I have on dvd. And this is how the film starts off, with The Lizard King taking to the highway I believe in Southern California desert. And he starts off hitchhiking and someone in a Shelby Mustang, great car by the way, picks him up and somehow which is not shown in film, The Lizard King ends up with the car and driving the car.

Only The Lizard King would wear skin-tight black leather jeans in the California desert, but that is one thing that made him The Lizard King. And the original film I believe from 1969 I believe was part of Morrison needing a break from the music business and perhaps The Doors as a whole. And that is what they show with Lizard King hitting the road and seeing what life if like outside of his world. And its a good little film, the 1969 version and the 2010 PBS version Strange Days is even better and it shows this part in that film.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Neon Dreams: Video: Tony Rome 1967, Danger in Paradise

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Wow! Jill St. John, Gena Rowlands, Sue Lyon, I mean this movie is a freakin baby-face fest. Three hot sexy baby-face goddess’ in the same movie. This movie could’ve been, well garbage to keep it clean, but as long as Jill, Gena and Sue looked the way that they did and were as good as they were in the movie, I would’ve still watched and recorded and seen it over and over as much as I have already. But take the baby-face goddess’ out of this movie and you still have one hell of a detective moving involving pi’s and the police.

Tony Rome plays a former cop now turned private detective now living in Miami, who is somewhat of a underachiever and lazy as a detective. And when not working cases prefers to make his money the easy way. I mean the man lives on a boat that he won in a card game, for crying out loud. He’s a gambler and a bit of a hustler, but people around him respect him and know how good of a detective he is. And that’s how he gets his latest client, well really clients, the Klosterman’s.

This movie starts with Rome played by Frank Sinatra getting a call from Ralph Turpin his ex-partner played by Robert Wilkie, who is now the house detective at a Miami hotel. Turpin finds a young hot baby-face adorable women Diana Pines played by Sue Lyon. As drunk as Jim Morrison on a four-week binge lying dead asleep in bed. Turpin also discovers who she is by going through her identification. The daughter of the biggest real estate developer in South Florida Rudy Klosterman played by Simon Oakland. Turpin doesn’t want to drive Diana home and deal with Klosterman, because Turpin is a bit of a crook and doesn’t want any further trouble.

That is where Rome comes him because Turpin calls his ex-partner Rome down to the hotel to drive her home and not release the name of the hotel and gives him two-hundred bucks for it. Diana’s father is really upset and worried about his daughter and wants to know what is wrong with her. And hires Rome to find out. Turns out Diana is missing a diamond pin that is supposed to be worth a thousand-dollars or something, but the pin is really made of glass and worth twenty-bucks instead. Every person that Rome works for in this movie is somehow either involved in organized crime, or has friends who are.

Every time Rome gets close to something, someone dies and the evidence leads back to him. So he has both organized crime and Miami police after him. Because the mob lets say wants the pin that they believe is worth thousands of dollars, even though it is really worth a couple cheap lunches if that. But Rome keeps getting closer and keeps digging until he finally solves the case. If you like great writing, action, drama, gorgeous, baby-face adorable women and comedy, you’ll love Tony Rome because it has all of that plus a lot more.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Moyers and Company: Video: Harvey J. Kaye: Fighting For The Four Freedoms

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Even though I think I know what the so-called progressive idea of freedom is today, I would like to hear it from them. And better yet someone who a true Progressive and not a Socialist or Social Democrat more on the Far-Left today, but someone more of a Lyndon Johnson Progressive. But if today’s Progressives idea of freedom is the four freedoms, then it is essentially freedom from individual responsibility and even individual freedom itself. Because big government will save us from having to take care of our own selves, because big government will do that for us.

I’m with Progressives on Freedom of Speech, just as long as we are talking about Freedom of Speech and not just speech that Progressives agree with and like. And everything they find insulting or they disagree with somehow is not legal. I believe in Freedom of Religion, even though I’m not religious myself. But part of that freedom is the ability not to practice religion at all. But as far as Freedom From Want, what’s wrong with wanting things that we’ve earned and setting for goals for us to achieve? Freedom From Fear, come on show me a perfect world and then we can talk about that.
Now how about my four freedoms and I might add one to that, because four sounds kind of light considering the fact that we live in a liberal democracy.

Again I’m there on speech and I would add assembly and religion to that. But guess what we already have the First Amendment.

Right to Privacy, check out the Fourth Amendment.

Freedom of Choice. You might be able to argue that we already have this in the Fourth Amendment as far as what we are ale to do in the privacy of our own homes and property, just as long as we aren’t hurting anyone with what we are doing. But how about when we are in public. And what do I mean by Freedom of Choice, which is sort of like asking someone what to they mean by clean air. But I’ll answer this anyway and Freedom of Choice is exactly that. The freedom for one meaning free adults to choose how they live their own lives. And that covers really everything from an economic and personal perspective. Again just as long as we aren’t hurting any innocent person with what we are doing.

Right to a Quality Education. If I was going to add two amendments to the U.S. Constitution, it would be Freedom of Choice and the Right to a Quality Education. You can’t live in freedom unless you have the knowledge and skills that allows for you to make the right decisions with your own life. And gives you the income that allows for you to take care of yourself. We have roughly depending on how you add it up not including people in jail or prison, fifty-million people or so in America who are not free, because they are currently locked in poverty. Which in a sense if a prison outside of a prison. Because you have to rely on others to take care of you.

We already have the First Amendment which covers speech, assembly and religion. We have the Fourth Amendment which covers privacy. The Fifth Amendment which covers our property rights and the Second Amendment which cover our Right to Self-Defense. Throw in choice and education and we would have all the freedom that we would need, assuming we take advantage of those rights to live freely in a liberal democracy. Not dependent on a welfare state or a corporation or a prison to take care of us for us. Because we have the freedom over our own lives and that is all that we would need.