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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Why Does Cenk Criticize Obama?: Because Leaders should Lead

President Obama said in his Press Conference on Wednesday Afternoon that leaders should lead. My response to the President would've been that starts with you buddy! Now perhaps I wouldn't of called him buddy, don't know that for a fact, perhaps I would've said that starts with you Mr President! We'll never know no point in discussing it. But my point is the same leaders have to lead or nothing gets done, successful Presidents don't sit on the sidelines and let others work it out and then weigh in later to see what the people who actually did the work came up with. Leaders don't look to compromise right off the bat, like the President's sorry excuse for a budget back in January. What leaders do when they know they have to compromise in the end to get anything done. Which is what President Obama obviously has to do with a Divided Congress. Is put on the table what they want to do, this is my plan, if you don't like, come up with your own plan. Then the other side puts down a counteroffer and lays out what they want to do if they had all the power. And then both sides come together at the end of the day and work out a Final Agreement. This is what lawyers do and this is what skillful negotiators do and this is why successful Presidents are successful. This is what President Clinton, President Reagan, President Eisenhower, President Truman, President FDR did and why they were able to accomplish so much in their Presidency's. You don't sit on the sidelines laying out goals with no plan to accomplish it. Which is what the President has been doing on the Deficit Reduction and other issues since he's been President, Health Care Reform would be another one.

Presidents have to be President, Leaders have to Lead or nothing gets done. They are the Chief Executives for a reason because the buck actually does stop with them, its not just an expression. And that means taking a stand once in a while and taking heat for it to do what's right for the country at the end. And then they get rewarded for their right decisions.

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