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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Katrina vanden Heuvel on the Modern Liberal: What is "Modern Liberalism"

People who are called "Modern Liberals" today are actually Democratic Socialists and are not liberals at all really. Even though they have liberal leanings on Social Issues which I commend them as a Real Liberal. People who would be called "Modern Liberals", call themselves that or progressives. Instead of Democratic Socialists, even though Sen. Bernie Sanders views himself as a Democratic Socialist and obviously the Democratic Socialist Party in America, views themselves as Democratic Socialists. And if you look at the issues, people who call themselves Democratic Socialists and people who call themselves "Modern Liberals". Agree on almost everything especially the Role of Government and especially the Role of the Federal Government. I can understand why Democratic Socialists who aren't comfortable with that term, because of how unpopular the term socialism is in America and the negative stereotypes that come with that. But thats a political calculation on their part, rather then a accurate description of their politics. As an actual Real Liberal myself and not a Democratic Socialist or a socialist in any form. I don't use the term socialist or Democratic Socialist as a negative term or a partisan term. But a description of their politics. Whatever ones politics are and wherever they are on the Political Spectrum, they should know exactly what they are and be honest about it. If they are articulate and intelligent enough to sell their politics so to speak to win Popular Support. Whether their political views are popular at the time or not. Because if they can sell their politics, because they are articulate and intelligent. They'll at the end of the day be able to sell their political views and policy's and win Popular Support. Because voters at the end of the day will look at them and say, you know what I didn't like this persons policy's before. Because I used to think this about them but they actually make sense to me and I'll vote for them.

Liberalism classical or modern or in between, is about Freedom and Responsibility for the Individual as long as they are not hurting anyone else with their freedom and Limited Government. As well as Equal Opportunity for all, its not about collectivism and the Welfare State, which are Socialist Values. Democratic Socialism and liberalism are two different Political Ideology's not one in the same.

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