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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Michael Moore:"Two Political Parties Cannot Represent 300 Million People": I actually agree with Michael Moore

I actually agree with Michael Moore on something, America a country of 310M people the third largest population in the World. We are by far the largest country in the World, to just have a Two Party System. We are also one of the most diverse countries in the World if not the most diverse country in the World politically. We have large segments of our population that represent the entire Political Spectrum. From already over to the Far Right, all the way over to the Far Left. We have liberals, libertarians, Democratic Socialists and Classical Socialists on the left. We have conservatives, Neoconservatives and theocrats on the right. And we have independents who basically represent centrism in America but they are a mixture of liberal and conservative in their ideology. Which means that we are left with a Democratic Party thats suppose to represent the Left Wing in America and be the Liberal Party. And liberals tend to run the Democratic Party but liberals aren't the only people on the left. And the Democratic Party is made up of more people then just liberals, democrats have Democratic Socialists on the Far Left and Moderate Liberals in the middle. So the Democratic Party is essentially made up of three different factions and when the socialists and Moderate Liberals don't like what the liberals are doing. They threaten to leave the party of destroy it within. The Republican Party thats suppose to represent the Right Wing in America and be the Conservative Party. And Conservatives used to run that party and to a certain extent still do. But there are a lot less of them in the Republican Party right now and they are probably in the minority in that party now. And of course the Republican Party is made up more then just conservatives but Neoconservatives and theocrats and they still have some Moderate Conservatives left as well in the Northeast especially. Not trying to sound partisan as a democrat to make it official but the Republican Party thats supposed to be about Limited Government and Individual Freedom. Now has two competing Authoritarian Factions in it now, Christian Theocrats and Neoconservatives, who want to make government bigger and limit freedom. Conservatives don't you miss the "Grand Ole Party? So the Republican Party is now made up of four competing factions and when the three factions on the outside don't like what the Leadership is doing, they threaten to leave or destroy the party inside as well.

What America a country of 310M people needs politically, is more major Political Parties that represent our entire Political Spectrum. There's more then enough of a movement and people who want this to happen and it could easily happen. Especially if you look at the Approval Ratings of both the Democratic and Republican Parties that are in the 20s or 30s. We need the Democratic Party to be the Liberal Party not a socialist party, which in the past have done a very good job doing. We need the Republican Party to be the Conservative Party and not a Neoconservative or Theocratic Party. And we need the Libertarian Party to step up to the plate and act like a major Political Party and represent the 10-20% of libertarians in America. The socialists need their own party that represents the Socialist View in American Politics. And the Democratic Socialist Party and there is such a thing and they could do this if they formed a coalition. With the Green Party and the Progressive Caucus in the Democratic Party. And the Neoconservatives and Christian Theocrats could leave the Republican Party and form their own party. And the independents could have their own party as well that would be the Reform Party and others. We are a huge country we are more then capable of supporting all of our Political Factions and do it in the way where we would still have Majority Parties in Congress. But they would have less Special Interests to answer to.

We officially have a Two Party System but in actuality we have two parties that are both made up of at least three parties each. But they are all under the same roof so to speak, in a marriage made for hell. Because they all have their own viewpoints and Special Interests they have to answer to. And it makes governing almost impossible because the Leaders in both parties not only have to worry about the other party. But what other factions are doing in their own party.

Click on the link of the blog to see a video from Michael Moore on our Two Party System
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