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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

President Obama's Address On Raising The Debt Ceiling: Base Hit for the Good Guy

I believe the President did as well as someone even with his vast Communication Skills, could do with a National Debt Ceiling Address. Especially with this material sounding very dry for today's Reality TV Audience and with Speaker Boehner countering him with a False Statement. Where he said the House Vote on "Cap Cut and Balance" being Bi Partisan last week. With only five democrats voting for it and at least ten republicans voting against it. There was actually more Bi Partisan Opposition to "Cut Cap and Balance" then Bi Partisan Support. I was a little worried Monday Afternoon when I heard that President Obama came out in favor of Leader Reid's plan in the Senate. That cuts the debt and deficit through cuts only even though he includes 1T$ in Defense Cuts. Coming from ending Military Operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. According to a Progressive Blog Think Progress, the House Switchboard has been flooded with Phone Calls and emails, all about tonight's speeches I'm guessing, hopefully in favor of President Obama's speech. But we'll probably see within the next few days, I believe though that enough people did listen to President Obama's speech. And hopefully enough of them liked it enough, to tell enough Republican Representatives, that its time for the House GOP Leadership to make a deal with the President and Senate. But there's a much different team in the House now, thats not in business to negotiate. I believe however that Speaker Boehner is an adult who wants to put the debt and deficit debate aside or at least getting something accomplished on it. And start to move on to other things which I'm sure the Speaker and House Leader Cantor have on their agenda. Even though the House GOP only controls one Chamber of Congress and one institution in the entire Federal Government. They believe they hold all the cards because of the 2010 Mid Term Elections. But what they don't understand is that the voters didn't give them the Senate for a reason. Because they didn't like enough of their Senate Candidates to give them the majority there. Which left us with not only a Divided Government but a Divided Congress as well. What Leader Reid did in the Senate on Monday was to offer the House GOP a chance to say yes and move on but they still said no.

I'm glad the President has left Tax Hikes on the wealthy on the table to go along with Entitlement Reform and Budget Cuts including in defense. And lets see within the next few days if he was able to move enough americans to tell enough of their Reps. Thats its time to make a deal with the Senate and President and compromise so we can finally move on.

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