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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ralph Nader: On the Need for a Primary Challenge for the President: Democratic Suicide in the Works?

First of all if the Democratic Socialist Left really dislikes President Obama as much as they claim and I believe their dislike is real. Then the Bernie Sanders, Ralph Nader's, Dennis Kucinich's of the World shouldn't of supported then Presidential Candidate Obama back in 2007-08. If you look at Barack Obama's Professional Record as a US Senator, State Senator, Community Organizer. And then you look at him Primary Campaign from President in 2007-08. He's always had a record as a liberal but a Moderate Liberal, he's never been with the Far Left on really anything. Other then being against the Patriot Act before he was for it, which is as a Real Liberal myself and not a Democratic Socialist is a problem for me. Because it violates the Fourth Amendment but thats a different story and he was against the Iraq War from the start until he became President and had to figure out how to proceed there with no experience as Commander in Chief. He was in favor of the Public Option in Health Care Reform all along but never signed on to Single Payer which is what socialists want. Public Option is a compromise on their part. But then figured out he didn't have the votes to pass it in the Senate and compromised but got a Tax Credit for Health Insurance and a Patients Bill of Rights out of it. And Barack Obama has always been in favor of expanding the Afghan War and did that within a year of becoming President. The reason why the Far Left fell in love with Barack Obama so to speak, was because of 2004 Democratic Convention Unity Speech. And his opposition to the Iraq War from day one and original opposition to the Patriot Act. As well as his message of "Hope and Change" as a Presidential Candidate, a couple of books he wrote. The idea of a Community Activist as President of the United States, the idea of an African American becoming President of the United States and not another rich Anglo Saxon Protestant man from Corporate America. Barack Obama a Harvard Professor, he's gotta be one of us right, if the Far Left just bothered to take the time to look at what Barack Obama is as a man. And looked at his record, instead of all these personal stereotypes that democrats are suppose to be in their eyes. They would've never supported Barack Obama until the General Election at least and would've thrown their support behind Dennis Kucinich or Ralph Nader or recruited Bernie Sanders. These are real Democratic Socialists the real thing.

If socialists feel they need their own Presidential Candidate, then they should go get one and also form their own party that better represents their values. Because they are not going to get that out of the Democratic Party, which is a Liberal Party not a Socialist Party. And liberals run the Democratic Party and they are not like the New Democratic Party in Canada or the British Labour Party. They are Center Left not Far Left. Democratic Progressives yes but not Democratic Socialists and the Democratic Socialist Party and there is such a thing. Would be a better fit for Democratic Socialists in the Democratic Party.

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