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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Thom Hartmann:"From Tea Party to Coffee Party/Democracy 2.0: The Democratic Socialist version of the Tea Party

When the Tea Party started off it had a very clear message, the Federal Government spends too much, its too big, we have to get the debt and deficit under control, anti Corporate Bailouts and had very strong libertarian leanings and didn't care about Social Issues. This was the Tea Party Movement before the Christian Right merged with them, the Michelle Bachmann's, Sarah Palin's, Herman Cain's of the World merged with them. Which continued to push a certain Fiscal Policy message but still like Corporate Welfare and brought back Social Issues and brought back the politics if you disagree with me then your not a real american. And went back to being Anti Muslim, Anti immigrant, Anti Gay go down the line including Anti Pornography and Anti Adultery. And trying to make anything that they don't like illegal just because they don't like it and trying to tell people how to live their own lives. The original version of the Tea Party with the libertarian leanings I respected as a liberal, even though my approach on these issues is much different. The original version of the Tea Party had a chance to become a major Political Movement in American Politics and perhaps even be able to merge with the Libertarian Movement. But this new Theocratic Tea Party will go no farther then the Christian Right and be seen as another Fringe Movement in American Politics. Because americans especially Independent Voters don't tend to like Big Government Authoritarianism.

Back in late 2009 early 2010 and they didn't get started early enough to be a major factor in the 2010 Mid Term Elections, just look at the Ed Schultz rally, I believe in October 2010. Another movement began to come from the Democratic Party calling themselves the Coffee Party. That was what I would describe as the Democratic Socialist version of the Libertarian Tea Party. That saw their role as to defend the American Welfare State especially during Deficit Reduction. And if anything expand the Welfare State and use government to promote Progressive Policy's to create jobs in America. When you have 9.2% Unemployment, no better time then to try to create jobs. I don't see the Coffee Party becoming much of a factor in the Democratic Party to create positive change. In as far as winning elections and taking back the House of Representatives. For one thing there are not enough of them in Congress, the House Progressive Caucus, what's that 40 members and maybe 5-10 in the Senate. If they were to decide to take on Democratic Members of Congress in an Election Year when the economy will probably still be weak or worst take on the President with their own candidate. Democrats will lose everywhere, they'll have a hard enough time getting reelected on their own. If the Republican Party nominates Mitt Romney for President and the economy is still weak. President Obama will have a hard enough time getting reelected. Because the election will be about his record.

What the Coffee Party can contribute to the Democratic Party in a positive way, is recruiting House and Senate Candidates where the incumbents are republican. Which I believe will get the Democratic Base out to vote for democrats whoever the candidate is, as well as the Get Out to Vote Operations for the fall. To get as many democrats to vote as possible. Otherwise you'll see another divided Democratic Party, just like 1988, 84, 80, 72 and 68 that loses in a landslide to republicans in Congress and the White House. "United we Stand, Divided we Fall".

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