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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"We've Got To Stop Criminalizing People For Using Marijuana! I agree

I know I've been blogging a lot about marijuana lately the last year or so as well as the broader War on Drugs. But its been a slow news day and this is still very important issue and I'll do my best to not sound repetitive but no promises.

If a Socialist Democrat like Rep. Barney Frank and a Libertarian Republican like Rep. Ron Paul can agree that we should no longer criminalize the use and possession of marijuana, if they can agree on anything. Then we should take their Marijuana Bill in the House seriously and at least take a look at it. Just for the fact that Rep. Frank and Rep. Paul actually agree on something and it may be the last time that they agree on anything. But on a serious note, their bill doesn't Legalize Marijuana without any strings attached which would be irresponsible and they both know that. Their Marijuana Bill simply treats marijuana like alcohol, which does just as much or more damage to people in society and is just as addictive if not more. With Regulation and Taxation just like alcohol, 21 or over to smoke, posses or sale to use as examples. Right now marijuana users get off tax free and don't pay a dime for their marijuana use and have a major advantage over alcohol and tobacco users. Which again is unfair to alcohol and tobacco users and a lot of marijuana users end up using pot their entire Adult Lives without paying a dime in taxes. By the way a lot of these marijuana users don't spend a day in jail or prison, which is good for them and society in general but thats a different blog. To put in the in case you weren't aware file, just because something is illegal, doesn't mean it goes away or isn't done. All you have to do to know this is to take a look at what the oldest profession in the World including America, where its currently illegal as well but thats another blog as well. That profession is alive and well in America and the rest of the World. There's and attempt by me to not sound repetitive.

But my broader appoint is that if people want to do something bad enough, they'll find a way to do it whether its legal or not. Its just a matter at what price they as well as society pays for it. This is true with marijuana, gambling and yes prostitution and I can go down the line as well but in the interest of time and keeping you week I'll spare you, for now. So knowing this we would be better off financially and morally, to take that as fact and instead of prohibiting how adults live their own lives. Lets regulate how these activities are done instead, because since we know that these activities are done. We might as well make them as safe as possible because for the very fact that we know that they are going to be done, whether they are legal or illegal.

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