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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Boots on the Ground" in Libya?": No American Boots on the Ground!

I'll put this as simply as I can, no American Troops on the ground in Libya! We have way too many problems as it is and are already over committed around the World. And need to start bringing troops home from around the World and not just in Afghanistan and Iraq. But in Europe, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Korea. All Developed Nations that are more then capable of defending themselves and have the Financial Resources to do so. Which is a big reason why we have a 14T$ National Debt because of all the money we've borrowed over the years to defend these Developed Nations. Libya is probably going to need Foreign Troops now and into the future to help the Transitional National Council but thats going to have to come from other sources. The Arab League being a great start, as well as perhaps the African Union, if Libya could handle having African not Arab Troops in their country. As well as the European Union, with the NATO No Fly Zone already being popular there. As well as perhaps a United Nations force and allow other Foreign Troops to go along with this. With the approval of Libya of course, its the Libyan Peoples nation now especially with Moammar Gadhafi out of power. Libya physically is a very large country, about the size of Algeria which is just next door. Saudi Arabia and Iran and the Gadhafi Regime had a military of 100,000 troops even in a country of 6M people. And a fairly well developed military as well that was professional and even had Weapons of Mass Destruction. They are going to need Foreign Troops there in the short term to defend the nation and to try to prevent Civil War. And to prevent Foreign Terrorists from invading the nation to try to take it over. They are also going to need Foreign Troops to help rebuild the Libyan Military and retrain them, because they'll probably need a military of around 100,000 troops in the future as well because of its physical size. Its neighborhood and especially if the new government in Libya ever develops the nation and its population expands. Which could definitely happen, Iran similar size physically, was a country of 20M people in 1979. Less then twenty years later they had a population of 75M people.

The United Nations, European Union, Arab League, African Union should all step into Libya with troops with Libya's approval. To help defend that nation in the short term as Libya builds its new government and why these people are helping to rebuild the Libyan Military. So they can leave Libya and Libya can once again defend itself. While the United States can help with resources, like weapons, planes that sorta thing as well as Foreign Aide. So Libya can build up its country but we are already over committed as a military. And its time we bring our troops home because we are already over committed. And rebuild our own country instead as Libya builds its own country and their new form of government.

Click on the link of the blog to see a video about Foreign Troops in Libya
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