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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Keith Olbermann Comment On The Debt Deal: Why he and his allies weren't in the room

Keith Olbermann's "Special Comment" on the Debt Deal is an example of why he and his allies weren't at the Negotiating Table negotiating this Debt Deal. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi who has a lot in common with the Socialist Democratic Left was at this Negotiating Table, because the President and Speaker knew that they would need her. To get the votes they needed to pass this deal and she delivered half of her caucus along with Minority Whip and Fellow Marylander Steny Hoyer. And that she would be responsible enough to see the deal as good and take and you can certainly argue that Speaker Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell took more then they gave.

President Obama could've played this whole Self Inflicted crisis better then he did. He could've went to President Clinton's playbook or even gone to the President himself and say Mr President how would've you played this situation. President Obama could've done what President Clinton did back in the 1995 Federal Government Shutdown when he was facing a United Republican Congress which was a harder fight then President Obama. Has now with just a Republican House and took Speaker Boehner and the Tea Party Caucus and its allies to the woodshed everyday. And told the American People I can't do what the Republican Leadership wants me to do, I can't balance the Budget on the backs of poor people, Senior Citizens and Social Security retirees. Which is exactly what President Clinton did with at the time House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt and Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle behind his back with their caucus's behind their backs. And it worked for President Clinton, the economy took off in 1995, President Clinton's Approval Ratings were in the forty's before shutdown and left in the sixty's. And basically was the favorite to get reelected in 1996 from their on. Senate Leader Bob Dole being the great politician that he was and who was also running for President. Saw this and brought House Speaker Newt Gingrich behind him and to the Negotiating Table. And the three of them worked out a deal and gave the President a lot of what he wanted as well as giving up some things like Spending Caps and Entitlement Reform. What President Obama did was wait until their was a crisis essentially daring the House GOP to push him and then he got into the game.

But here the main reasons why Keith Olbermann, the Progressive Caucus and its allies were never at the Negotiating Table. First reason they represent the Far Left of the Democratic Party the Socialist Faction in a Liberal Party run by liberals. And they are not in business to negotiate but to destroy the other side the Right Wing. Once they accomplish that and there's a Snowy Day in Phoenix, Arizona, then they'll govern. And the Democratic Leadership unlike the Republican Leadership of today and its fringe the Tea Party. Knows how to keep its fringe at bay, because they know the Progressive Caucus is not capable of negotiating with people they see as enemy's not opponents. And who believe that anyone who's not a collectivist and believes in High Taxes is selfish. President Obama was successful in doing that in this Debt Deal and managed to actually get some things out of it. Even though he could've gotten a hell of a lot more if used more plays in his playbook. And even though this is a cut only Debt Deal, not any cuts in Entitlement Programs and about 1T$ in Defense Cuts and eighteen month extension of the Debt Ceiling. Three things that all democrats wanted. The only things the President didn't get, were Tax Hikes on the wealthy, closing Tax Loopholes and cutting Corporate Welfare. Again things he could've gotten had he just called all his plays. And this is just round one, the next round will be about Entitlement Reform without hurting people who need the programs and Tax Reform, closing expensive Tax Loopholes.

The President did not play this whole situation as well as someone with ability's could've but even with that, he still got three major items. Which is why he was at the Negotiating Table, even though he came to it too late in the game to get a real good deal but at least he was there. While the "Professional Left" as they've been called or I call them the Far Left but why they were on the sidelines analyzing the game instead of being players in it.

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