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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thom Hartmann: "How did the Tea Party take over the GOP": How Democratic Socialists can have a bigger voice

I'm guessing Fiscal Conservatives who would be the Tea Party Movement before 2009 when they became a Political Movement. Actually were pretty angry or disappointed about the Bush Administration's and the Republican Congress Spending Binge during their eight years. And the years where the GOP had the White House and Congress from 2003-07, I'm thinking about the 2003 Medicare Advantage bill 500B$ on the Credit Card. Because the House GOP Leadership held that vote on for something like six hours, because they didn't have the votes to pass that bill going in and knew it. And after the Democratic Party took Congress back in 2007, Republican Members of Congress started criticizing the Bush Administration over Afghanistan and Iraq in 2007, I'm thinking of Rep. Walter Jones and Sen. Chuck Hagel both Military Veterans. But pre 2007 President Bush didn't veto one damn Spending Bill from Congress and most of them especially with the wars, were are all borrowed. And none of these Fiscal Conservatives said a damn thing about it and they had plenty of opportunities to do so. But perhaps they were always pissed as hell and the bailouts of Fannie and Freddie plus TARP in 2008 was the last straw so to speak. And they were "mad as hell not going to take it anymore" and when they saw a Liberal Democrat become President in 2009, to go along with a Democratic Congress. They figured this was their opportunity to speak out and try to take the Republican Party back from the Neoconservatives and Christian Theocrats. Which at first I believe was a brilliant strategy, until they brought the theocrats back in.

The Socialist Left however you want to define them, just don't call them Liberal Democrats from my perspective. I call them Democratic Socialists to be respectful, could have a bigger voice in American Politics and one day have a shot at sitting at the Adults Table. And actually being in the room during Debt Negotiations. But perhaps not in the Democratic Party which is run by liberals, the Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, John Kerry's , the House and Senate Democratic Leaderships, the DNC, Democratic Governors of the World and they have most if not all the money in the party. These are the democrats who actually get elected Statewide, all the Democratic Governors are liberal or moderate liberal , liberal in my Governors case. There's not one Socialist Governor democrat or otherwise in America and there's only one Senator. Unless you consider Sen. Tom Harkin, Sen. Sherrord Brown but they almost always vote with the Democratic Leadership. Especially when they need them to, even Sen. Sanders. The Power Base for socialists in America is in the House of Representatives but they only have 45-50 members . And and they don't have a member in the Democratic Leadership except for maybe Leader Nancy Pelosi but she represents the whole Democratic Caucus not just the Progressive Caucus and does a great job. And other then maybe Barnay Frank and Sandy Levin, they don't have one Full Committee Leader, meaning Chairman or Ranking Member of a Full Committee not Sub Committee.

My point is if Democratic Socialists in America want a bigger seat at the table in American Politics and I promise I'm almost done with this analogy, then they have to get more people elected. Because right now they look like a Third Party like the actual Democratic Socialist Party, instead of a small faction of the biggest party. And that means actually winning some Senate Seats and knocking out some republicans not democrats. And winning some Governorships if they ever want to have a serious Presidential Candidate. Because right now their entire base is in the House and its very small there anyway and not enough to force their Leadership to do anything, more seats in the House as well will help.

Click on the link of the blog to see a video from Thom Hartmann on how "Progressive Democrats" can have as much power as the Tea Party
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