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Sunday, September 11, 2011

'IMF bailouts way to one world Government: Greeks sick of Eurocrat orders': Then get out

I generally support the concept of the International Monetary Fund, try saying that fast or IMF which is easier to say fast. To prevent countries even to fault of their own and I think Greece would qualify here. To prevent them from going bankrupt which would be very bad for its people. As well as its neighbors because when economy's tend to collapse, people can get desperate and look to move to other countries. Making things more difficult for the countries that have to deal with these refugees for lack of a better word. Something like an IMF, could also be beneficial for Developing Countries that have responsible governments. That are looking to modernize and develop and give their people some Economic Freedom. Central America comes to mind a region thats been looking to do this and has had some success at it. Like in Panama and Costa Rica, as well as Mexico thats come a long way in the last twenty years or so with a ways to go. Mexico especially because they are so damn big, one of the largest countries in the World physically as well as in population. Its a country of 120M people thats two thousand miles wide and long. Ranging from the Pacific Ocean to South Texas to the Gulf of Mexico and to the border of Central America. The better Mexico can do economically, the better off America is because it means more mexicans will be able to find work in Mexico. And not have to leave that country and come to America where they probably don't speak the language and would have to try to fit in.

Something like an IMF I believe could be very beneficial to countries that are having financial difficulties and are facing bankruptcy. And can't avoid bankruptcy without devastating their Law Enforcement, military or Social Insurance Programs. Something like an IMF can also be beneficial for Developing Countries that are looking to develop and become wealthier if not developed. If its designed the right way, where the countries aren't given a pot of money to spend as it pleases. Because the IMF is funded by World Tax Payers and they have a right to see their money spent in a responsible way. So if Greece doesn't want to be put under certain restrictions from the IMF and is expecting the IMF to bail them out with no questions asked. They have another thing coming as the band Judas Priest said and perhaps should look for a way to solve their own financial problems. And don't come to America to bail them out because we have our own financial issues, that if we don't address fairly soon. We may need help from the IMF as well in the future which I believe no american wants.

The reasons why the IMF hasn't worked in places like countries in Africa, has to do with corruption. Some governments get the money there and then use it to pay off their allies. Or the money never makes it to the governments in the first place and is stolen by rebels or terrorists. But something like an IMF could be helpful if they are working with responsible governments. So they have some money to help finance their government and develop their economy. In areas like infrastructure, education, developing the Natural Resources and starting industry's. Africa could benefit from something like an IMF if they were to limit the corruption to a point, where the aide could get into to where it needs to go to help.

Click on the link of the blog to see a not so objective video from RT on the Greek Financial Crisis
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