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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

TYT Video: President Obama's Deficit Reduction Plan: A Socialist Take of the plan

Its good to see the Socialist Left actually give President Obama credit for something, not just one thing but two things in the same day. His Deficit Reduction plan and of course the ending of Don't Ask Don't Tell. So that being said, maybe its snowing in South Florida right now and the Democratic Leadership is in love with the Republican Leadership and vice versa as well. Because this almost never happens, because the Far Left has been on President Obama's back since the 2009 Recovery Act. Because it had Tax Cuts in it, even for the Middle Class, they didn't think that was a good idea. And of course Health Care Reform where I agree that the President screwed that up from the beginning. By not putting his own plan on the table and then settling for a deal that wasn't as good as he could've gotten. By not getting a Public Option in the Affordable Care Act. Wall Street Reform by not getting an Insurance System for company's that go bankrupt and forcing them to pay into that system. So Tax Payers don't get stuck bailing them out for their bad mistakes which led to TARP in 2008. GITMO was a waste of time from the beginning Barack Obama should've known better then try to push it at all. That was his Don't Ask Don't Tell of his Presidency.

I'm not making the case that President Obama is perfect or will ever be perfect. He was actually my fourth choice for President back in 2007-08, behind Al Gore, Bill Richardson and Hillary Clinton. I have my own issues with the President, as it relates to the Patriot Act, War on Drugs, Prison Reform, Military Reform, Gay Marriage. But he's someone who inherited a horrible situation and is doing the best he can at a point where the country is as about as divided as we've ever been. And of course he's going to make some mistakes as anyone would. Including Franklin Rossevelt the author of the New Deal. And I'm thinking of course of FDR Court Packing Scandal where he attempted to pack the court with his allies. So his policy's wouldn't get struck down which he lost even though democrats had huge majorities in both the House and Senate.

To act like Barack Obama is a "traitor to the Progressive Cause" or is a democrat in name only. And is actually a "corporatist, Neoconservative, Moderate Republican, Center right" all things he's been labeled. Is nonsense and insulting and makes the Far Left look as intelligent as people they've labeled "Tea Baggers". The President has made some mistakes when it comes to negotiating, like not putting things on the table and sending them to Congress. His first offers looking like the thing he would settle for at the end instead of offering first. Exactly what he would do if he could, which is what the Republican House has been doing from day one. But I think the President might actually get that now, with his jobs plan and now his Deficit Reduction plan. So hopefully good signs for the future.

On these last two issues jobs and the deficit, Barack Obama actually looks like a President now and Commander in Chief. Instead of Negotiator in Chief, someone always sprinting to the center. And now is looking like a Democratic President instead of a Centrist President without a base of support. Which will help him both politically as well as on policy, because he'll look strong in the Democratic Party as well as with independents. This is a President with convictions etc.

Click on the link of the blog to see a video from The Young Turks on the Obama Deficit Reduction plan
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