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Friday, October 28, 2011

"Protesters battle: Tea Party vs Occupy Wall Street": Two similar as well as different movements

If you look at what the Tea Party Movement started off as in late 2008 early 2009. Against the TARP Bailouts, against Big Government and wasteful spending from the Federal Government, the debt and deficit. Wall Street and broader Corporate America's relationship between government. And what Occupy Wall Street is about now and actually have been against all along and are just now getting their movement publicized. Its very similar, OWS is against the same things and I would add being against Corporate Welfare to that list. They actually have plenty in common and I would even add Iraq and Afghanistan to that list. Being against those wars or least believing that its time what we pull out of there now. I'm guessing most people in the Tea Party supported the Afghan War at least from the beginning. Because we were under attacked from 9/11 and fought back. But a lot of them are against that war now. As well as at least some type of Campaign Finance and Lobbying Reform. Fine but as far as what the TP and OWS believe in as far as what we should do instead. Its completely different, there's at least a faction of the Tea Party that would like to take America back to pre 1930s New Deal and eliminate our Safety Net. And basically get government out of the economy all together and the progressives or socialists in OWS. Would like to see round three when it comes to our Safety Net and turn it into a Welfare State.

The Tea Party basically believes the problem with the economy at least, not the Religious Right folks. Is the government especially the Federal Government. They see it as too big, spends too much and wastes too much money and would at least like to get the Federal Government's budget. Back to the 1950s level, pre Great Society at around 18-19% of GDP, pass a Balance Budget Amendment to the US Constitution. Lock in the Federal Budget to around 18-19% of GDP, get a lot of the government out of the economy. Including the regulations. And this is where the TP and OWS are basically complete opposites, because at least the Socialist Faction of OWS. And OWS is a broad coalition of yes socialists but also liberals and even libertarians. But the Democratic Socialists in this movement would like to see us perhaps double our Federal Budget. Round three of America's version of Democratic Socialism which would make us look like Britain or Sweden. Universal Healthcare and Health Insurance provided by the Federal Government. Universal Higher Education again provided by the Federal Government. Outlawing Private Money from our Political Campaigns. As well as a whole list of Job Programs, Public Works Administration. Again all provided by the Federal Government paid for by going back to the 1950s Tax Rates from 25-90%.

What Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party have in common, if they just focused on those things. And worked together that would be a hell of a Progressive Agenda. That could be a boost to our economy, because it would end future Tax Payer Funded Bailouts of Corporate America. End Corporate Welfare and we could get real Campaign Finance and Lobbying Reform with Public Disclosure and perhaps other things. That would force our Public Officials to listen to their people or pay the price for it. Because they would then have more insight on what they do when they are on the Public Payroll.

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