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Saturday, October 15, 2011

United States sends Combat Troops to Uganda: The 21st Century Vietnam War?

I'm going to throw out actually put a few facts on the table and hopefully that will give you an idea of where I'm going with this blog. Incase the title of this blog isn't a big enough clue. We have a 14T$ National Debt, a 1.8T$ National Deficit, 9.1% Unemployment, 1% Economic Growth. And we are about to send more money out of the American Economy to Uganda of all places. That represents no threat to us, money that we don't have and money that we need. By generating this money in our own economy, through Economic Growth. Oh by the way our military is already overcommitted around the World. Which along with our economic problems is why we are finally starting to pull out of Afghanistan and Iraq. We are already responsible for the National Defense of Developed Nations besides ourselves. Europe, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Korea and we are helping with the Air Cover of Libya. We don't have the resources or the money to take on another Foreign Military Operation like this. Fighting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have already taken care of that for us and we fought those wars at the same time. Uganda is not a small country about the size of Egypt physically, its a large country of around 35M people or so. This is not Haiti and National Defense will also be playing a role in Deficit Reduction. Because of the size of its budget and how overcommitted we are.

This operation in Uganda should sound familiar and I'll explain why. We are sending Combat Troops to Uganda, all by ourselves, maybe the African Union will help us as well. And we'll be there to protect the piece so to speak and we are also be sending Military Advisers to Uganda as well. Any hints on what this sounds like, here's another clue, we fought in a war like this. In the 1960s on the other side of the planet. In hot humid jungles and we involved in a Civil War there as well. Times up the answer is Vietnam the Vietnam War, the mismanagement of a war. That went on for ten years, that brought one President down a man I have a lot of respect for and also a fan of. Lyndon Johnson and fought by two other Administrations, President Nixon and President Ford. President Nixon and Ford being the Presidents that finally got us out of Vietnam. You could also add Afghanistan and Iraq to that list of Foreign Wars that we were involved in. That looked like Civil Wars, Afghanistan being in a Civil War and Iraq where the opposition wanted to fight a Civil War but without the resources.

At some point the United States has to figure out, whoever the President is. And you would think that President Obama would be the President to figure this out. And hopefully this will be figured out before our involvement in the defense of other countries ruins us. Especially in countries where we have no business being in, that we can't be everything to everybody. That we are limited in what we can do on Foreign Policy because we have limited resources. That these countries have to take care of their own business.

Click on the link of the blog to see a video about American Troops headed to Uganda
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