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Friday, December 2, 2011

Progressives and Barack Obama: What Progressives Expected and what they've got

When Barack Obama became President in 2009, the Progressive Movement Democratic Socialists in America. Expected President Obama to bring in a New Deal era Big Government Agenda to America. Expand Democratic Socialism in America, build off of the New Deal and Great Society and build what's called Round Three or the Fair Deal. Which means things like Medicare For All Single Payer Health Insurance, more Public Hospitals. They wanted a New Deal era Stimulus bill or American Recovery Act with expanding current Federal Job Training Programs and Infrastructure Investment. Like with a Public Works Administration to hire people to work on Public Works Projects in America. And other programs to do all of these Public Works Projects and they wanted a Recovery Act. Twice the size of the 2009 ARA with no new Tax Cuts in it and repeal all of the Bush Tax Cuts, including the Tax Cuts for the Middle Class to pay for it. When it came to Wall Street Reform, they wanted Public Control of Big Banks and new Public Banks all across the country. And they expected Barack Obama to the man to deliver their Socialist Agenda for the country. The problem is they elected a Liberal Democrat to deliver their agenda, when they should've tried to elected Dennis Kucinich or Ralph Nader to deliver their agenda. People who are actually Democratic Socialists. But they decided that voting by party and getting a democrat back in the White House with a Democratic Congress. Was more important then voting by Political Ideology and so now they've decided that they are disappointed with President Obama.

Democratic Socialists electing a Liberal Democrat to deliver their agenda, is like the Christian Right nominating Ron Paul. To deliver their "Moral Agenda", thats just not going to happen. If its an agenda that you want passed through Congress and signed into law. The first thing you do is elect someone who actually believes in your agenda. Because just because someone is from the same Political Party as you are, doesn't automatically mean they share your views on your issues. Then Candidate Obama ran a brilliant Presidential Campaign in 2007-08, he figured he needed Progressive Democrats to win the nomination. So he ran to the Far Left flank of the party and lost some Liberal Voters like myself doing that. But after securing the nomination, move back to the Center Left to get Liberal Democrats back. And also so he could win Independent Voters in the Presidential Election. Which I believe he still has an excellent shot of getting in 2012, especially if the Republican Party goes Far Right, which they may still do. If Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney doesn't satisfy them but even if its Newt or Flip Flopper is nominated. I believe President Obama still has an excellent shot with Independent Voters. And I don't believe Progressive Democrats saw this play and were expecting President Obama to govern like Primary Candidate Obama.

If its a Democratic Socialist you want for President of the United States to pass your Progressive Agenda. Then thats the person you should get behind from the beginning and if thats your top priority. After that person loses the Democratic Nomination or doesn't even win a Democratic Primary. Like in Dennis Kucinich's case, then you draft that person or draft Ralph Nader to be your Progressive Party Candidate for President. And try to Elect a President that way but if winning the President Election is what your concern about. And your a democrat, then you get behind the democrat who can do that for you. In this case Barack Obama.
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