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Saturday, September 10, 2011

"Obama Plan Will End Up Pushing GOP Agenda": Not all Socialists like this plan

Democratic Socialists don't like President Obama's American Jobs Acts because of course the Tax Cuts, even Rep. Dennis Kucinich who's about as far to the left. That he could hug Carl Marx, likes the Tax Cuts in the AJA, I like the Tax Cuts to but I'm a liberal and generally speaking I believe Middle Class Tax Cuts are a good idea. Especially in a bad economy when there's a lack of demand and the Tax Cuts encourage Consumer Spending. I like Tax Cuts generally speaking for anyone as long as there's an economic purpose for them. Including on business's Small Business's and they aren't just passed to pass Tax Cuts. The hiring Tax Credit I don't like, business's aren't hiring because they don't want to. They aren't hiring because they don't have enough customers to expand their workforce, which is what the AJA should be intended for. Socialists don't like Tax Cuts because that means less revenue for the government as they see it and that the government perhaps wouldn't do as much. And if people have to pay High Taxes and that means everyone, to fiance a Big Government with a Welfare State to provide all of these services. So be it instead of giving the people the power which is what money is, to provide these services for themselves with their own Purchasing Power.

But anyone who calls themselves a progressive, however you define that. Whether your a liberal, Democratic Socialist or whatever, should be a fan of Middle Class Tax Cuts. Especially when they are struggling to just get buy and not ahead and should also be able to understand. That Tax Hikes on the Middle Class when they are struggling, is regressive the opposite of progressive. So I believe socialists who consider themselves progressive, should like the Tax Cuts in the AJA, as well as the National Infrastructure Bank. Which would fiance around 200B$ in Infrastructure Investment that we badly need even if its just a Down Payment on our bigger infrastructure issues. But definitely a step in the right direction.

This notion that the American Jobs Act "will end up pushing the GOP Agenda", is completely bogus. Anyone who's been following the House GOP Leadership that now runs the House. As well as the Senate Republican Leadership thats still in the minority in the Senate. Understands that the GOP Economic Agenda is centered around Deficit Reduction, Entitlement Reform, cutting Federal Regulations. And eliminating or seriously reducing the Corporate and Estate taxes. No republican would right the AJA the way it was written, so to suggest that the AJA will push the GOP Agenda. Is a socialist cheap shot.

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Rep. Dennis Kucinich on President Obama's Address To Congress: Even Socialists like it

If even a Democratic Socialist or a Socialist Libertarian or however he describes his politics, as long as doesn't call himself a liberal. Like Rep. Dennis Kucinich likes at least part of President Obama's Jobs Speech to Congress Thursday Night. Then that tells me that the President at least has the votes in the House and Senate Democratic Caucus's. Where democrats still control the Senate to pass the American Jobs Act. Its just a question if the can negotiate with the House GOP Leadership and bring on enough Senate Republicans. To prevent the Senate GOP Leadership from blocking the bill. I believe Democratic Socialists in Congress like the size of the AJA and the fact that at least half of it is dedicated to Infrastructure Spending. But the question will be will they like the idea of a National Infrastructure Bank, which wouldn't be run by the Federal Government. Something they believe the Federal Government should be running, Federal Agency's running the Infrastructure Projects and hiring Government Workers to do the work.

With an NIB, it would be independent of the Federal Government paid for by Private Investemnt, hiring Private Construction Company's to do the work. But this is a detail that needs to be worked out, if democrats want to get much needed Infrastructure Spending out of this Republican House. Then it will have to be through an NIB and democrats are already pretty close to getting an NIB out of the Senate. Where it already has Bi Partisan support. Socialists who tend to believe that Tax Hikes are better for the economy then Tax Cuts, should like the idea of Payroll Tax Cut that will benefit mostly Middle Class Workers. Who are already struggling but we should go farther with that and have another Tax Cut to encourage Consumer Spending to meet the lack of demand in the economy They are up for reelection in 2012 as well.

What socialists in Congress need to realize is that their Progressive Jobs Act or whatever they call it, where you create a bunch of new Federal Agency's. I'm guessing paid for with new Tax Hikes, to hire a bunch of new Federal Workers to work on projects around the country . Doesn't have the votes in either the House or Senate and could only pass the forty five member or so Progressive Caucus. The President wouldn't sign this plan either and what they need to do because they are up for reelection in 2012 as well. And they want to see Unemployed Workers put back to work because they are good people. Is that the President has put on the table a plan that has around 200B$ in Middle Class Tax Cuts and 200B$ Infrastructure Spending. And they should work with the President to get it passed or get something thats as close to the AJA as possible. Before the President settles for something much smaller.

Rep. Kucinich's position on the AJA I believe so far is positive, I was expecting him and several other of his colleagues. To come out with a New Deal Federal Works Projects Act at around 1T$. Paid for through either borrowing or massive Tax Hikes even on the Middle Class. So with the House Republican Leadership and the Democratic Socialists response to the plan so far. Including even with Sen. Bernie Sanders, I believe President Obama is off to a good start.

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