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Monday, October 24, 2011

No Lunch for Prisoners in Texas: Even Prisoners have Human Rights

I can't think of many worse ways to save money then starving people which is essentially what Texas will doing in their Corrections System. And I'm a very frugal guy when it comes to Tax Revenue and that what TDOC Texas Department of Corrections. Will be doing by denying their inmates Weekend Lunch, I watch a lot of Prison Documentary's like on Nat Geo and other places. And Prison Inmates generally eat breakfast around 6-7 AM and dinner around 5-6 PM. And unless they have access to snacks like at the Prison Convenient Store and they all have something like that. Where inmates at their own expense can by snacks and other grocery's, like Roman Soup, chips cookies, coffee, soda, water. That sorta thing, unless they get lunch, after they eat breakfast, they are looking at 7-8 or nine hours before they can eat again. I"m guessing there are hostages that get treated better then that and what I've seen from these Prison Meals. The quality of food isn't very good or very filling to begin with. Your talking about and entree with some meat in it or half an entree, maybe one side and some fruit to go with that. And if your lucky, maybe a brownie or something as well and if your in Solitary Confinement or in a 23 Hour Lockdown for all inmates like at Statesville Prison in Illinois. Good luck keeping your sanity especially if you brain is even weaker from lack of food.

How are inmates suppose to keep from going crazy to begin with in that environment. But especially if your starving, how you suppose to prevent yourself from being a bigger pain. For the Corrections Staff, I mean the fact is most of our Prison Inmates are in prison for being stupid. Doing stupid things, like Petty Theft, jacking autos, pulling scams or using drugs. And are going to get out of prison because a lot of these people tend to be Non Violent. Meaning Corrections Staff can work with these people from the beginning. Unlike the Violent Offenders who may have Behavior Issues, Violent Tempers Anger Mismanagement. So you want these people no worse off when they get out then when they came in. And that means treating them with a certain amount of Human Dignity and respecting their Constitutional Rights. To not be punished in an inhumane way and that means making sure they have enough food to eat. If you want to save money, put these people to work and make them earn their keep. Instead of just locking them up with nothing to do and perhaps nothing to eat all day in between breakfast and dinner.

The United States at least since the end of World War II has made a strong effort at preaching Human Rights around the World. Especially in countries that don't have much respect for Human Rights. Like in Authoritarian Nations but that message is harder to communicate when we aren't as a country living up to our commitment to Human Rights as well.

Click on the link of the blog to see a video from The Young Turks about TDOC eliminating Weekend Lunch