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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thom Hartmann: "Don't be a Grinch on the Payroll Tax Cuts": Thom Hartmann Pro Tax Cuts?

Thom Hartmann getting on people who are against the Payroll Tax Cuts that benefit the Middle Class. And against people who are against extending the Tax Cuts, meaning they are supporting a large Tax Hike here. 1000$ or more on Middle Class workers, is a bit hypocritical, because he was against those Tax Cuts in the first place. And actually supports repealing all of the Bush Tax Cuts including the Tax Cuts for the Middle Class. Actually Thom Hartmann has come out in favor on his own Radio Show for repealing the Reagan Tax Cuts. With a top 70% and the lowest rate I believe was at 20% . Hartman has actually come out in favor on his show of repealing the Kennedy Tax Cuts from 1961 or 62, that President Johnson got signed into law. I believe in 1964 and returning to the Eisenhower Tax Rates ranging from 25-90%, currently the bottom Tax Rate is 10%. Because of the Bush Tax Cuts of 2001 and Hartmann is right about the Congressional Republican hypocrisy and Presidential Candidate Michelle Bachmann. Who both support this Middle Class Tax Hike by allowing for the Payroll Tax Cuts to expire. But Thom Hartmann's problem is that he's being hypocritical because he would like to see the bottom rate of the Income Tax. Go from 10% as its today, up to 25% as it was in the 1950s, a 250% Tax Hike on someone making 40-50K$. Just struggling to pay their current bills. President Obama and the Congressional Democratic Leadership are right to point out the Republican Hypocrisy here. Because they supported the Payroll Tax Cut in the beginning, as well as extending the other Middle Class Tax Cuts.

Its one thing to critique or attack someone's position on something, its another to have credibility on it. Don't attack someone just to attack them but do it in a way that you know they are wrong. Because you've always felt differently or at least be honest enough to admit you were wrong the first time. And you thought it over and changed your position, sorta what Mitt Romney does every time. One of his positions becomes unpopular, depending on what office he's running for. The reason why I call him Flip Flopper, of course the Republican Leadership is being hypocritical about the Payroll Tax Cuts. Saying they'll never support any Tax Hikes and still claiming they don't support any Tax Hikes. Even though they are supporting letting the Payroll Tax Cut expire which would be a huge Middle Class Tax Hike. Somewhere around 20B$ a year, 1000$ for someone making 50K$ a year. Thom Hartmann is just not the right spokesperson to point this out, because he didn't support the Payroll Tax Cuts in the beginning. Wants all of the Bush Tax Cuts to expire to be used for Government Investment, which would be a huge Middle Class Tax Hike. Thom Hartmann getting on people for supporting Tax Hikes, would be like Fidel Castro claiming that America has too much socialism. Give me a break not the right messenger to be giving that message.

The House Republican Leadership needs to think long and hard about going into an Election Year. Where they have 60 plus freshmen up for reelection, being in favor of Middle Class Tax Hikes. Especially when the President is in favor of extending the Payroll Tax Cuts and the Democratic Senate will try to pass an Extension of the Payroll Tax Cuts. They might even try to extend it for employers, if nothing else in an attempt. To try to dare the Senate GOP Leadership to try to block Tax Cuts going into an Election Year. Politics and Election Prospects might bring the sides together to prevent these Tax Hikes from happening.