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Friday, December 16, 2011

Rocky Anderson For Justice Party: How about One United Progressive Party

Here comes another Progressive Socialist Party the so called Justice Party, I got this wild hunch they believe in Justice. But its a little early to tell they are just getting started, to go along with the Progressive Caucus. Which is basically a Political Party inside of the Democratic Party, the actual Progressive Party, of course the Democratic Socialist Party. Probably the largest of the group and the Green Party that both Ralph Nader and Cynthia Mckinney have run for President for. So what the Progressive Movement in America now has is basically four Third Parties and a Party within the Democratic Party. Where they are really outnumbered where Liberal Democrats hold most of the Leadership Offices. Almost all of them, Progressives do have the House Minority Leader position with Nancy Pelosi, who ideologically is with them. But is a very skillful politician one of the best in Congress. Who's smart enough to know that you can't lead a large caucus with just a faction of it. Which is what the Progressive Caucus represents in the Democratic Party and that kinda gets to my point. Because when you have four groups all fighting for the same goals and policy's and fighting each other. To decide who gets to lead plus fighting both democrats and republicans to be able to lead.

The Movement gets divided, when you have Competing Factions all fighting for the same things. See the Libertarian Movement already has a party of their own any guesses in what its called. As well as members in both the Republican and Democratic Parties but take those Libertarian Republicans and Democrats out of it. And recruit Libertarian Independents, the Libertarian Movement could be a major force in American Politics. If you take the Democratic Socialists, really all of these people are Democratic Socialists whether they call themselves that or not. But take that party along with the Green Socialists, the Progressive Caucus. Whatever Progressive Independents there might be and of course whatever recruiting and fundraising they are able to do in the future. Now you got at least a major Third Party for the Progressive Movement that they could start with. And they are able to do in the future, would be based on how they are able to recruit and sell their message to the American Public. They would start off with fifty plus seats in the House right off the bat with the Progressive Caucus. And less then a handful in the Senate, Bernie Sanders and others.

Take Rep. Maxine Waters with you get her the hell out of the Democratic Party , with all of her Conspiracy Theory's and everything else. You might want to get her some help as well but that might be another question. Rep. Waters is the Michelle Bachmann or Jim DiMint of the Democratic Party. Otherwise you basically have four or five different Progressive Candidates saying the basically the same exact things. Taking votes away from each other.