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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Michael Moore: "America Is a Liberal Nation": Yes we are but not Michael Moore's Liberalism

If you look at most or at least a lot of the important issues in America and I would now add Marijuana Legalization and Same Sex Marriage to that list. As well as Legalize Gambling to that as well and Nondiscrimination of Homosexuals and Immigration Reform. To go with abortion and other issues, americans and I'm one of them tend to be Liberal. But we are not a Liberal Nation in Michael Moore's World of Liberalism. Michael Moore's World of Liberalism has to do with the word, well more. Meaning I want a Liberal Amount of Food, Water, Clothing, Coffee whatever the case is. And in a Political Sense, Moore uses the word Liberal to describe his politics as he wants a Liberal Amount of Government. Especially a Liberal Amount of the Federal Government but in a Political Sense, the word Liberal has to do with Liberty, Individual Liberty. Not more except for more Liberty not more Government, Liberal comes from the word Liberty. And in politics that means Individual Liberty not Big Government but Limited Government. I'll grant that Michael Moore is a Social Liberal and I respect him for that. But he's a Socialist or Progressive on Economic Policy and perhaps a Libertarian on Foreign Policy. So at best Michael Moore is I guess a Socialist Liberal, kinda like Author Noam Chomsky is a Socialist Libertarian. And if you consider yourself Progressive or Libertarian, you probably know who Noam Chomsky is.

When I think of Liberals like myself or Liberalism my Political Ideology, I don't think of Mike Moore or the Progressive Caucus. Quite frankly I think of people like Jack Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry, Dick Durbin, Chuck Schumer. Hopefully you recognize the Presidents there and if not, you need a serious American History Lesson. The rest of these men are current Members of Congress, except for Vice President Gore. I think of people who believe in Individual Liberty and Limited Government. Like in Dick Durbin's case the Deputy Leader of the Senate, someone who openly criticizes the Patriot Act and Indefinite Detention. Someone who's more in line on these Individual Liberty issues with Rep. Ron Paul a Libertarian. Then he's line with President Obama who I would classify as a Moderate Liberal. Who's taken more a Neoconservative view on these issues. Thats what Liberalism is about Individual Liberty and standing up for it even when the Leader of your Party doesn't. Its not about Big Government and creating a new Social Insurance Program. To solve all of our problems and build a Socialist Utopia for America but empowering people to solve their own problems.

Mike Moore doesn't understand what Liberalism is at least not at its Full Scale, he's got the Social Issues down. And I respect him for that but he doesn't understand, Social Liberty isn't worth much without Economic Liberty. And he believes you can be a big believer in Social Liberalism. But then also a big believer in Big Government on Economic Policy and still be a Liberal. It doesn't work like that.
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