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Thursday, May 3, 2012

"Bill Whittle Explains our Progressive Nightmare": Why a Neoconservative Nightmare would be worst

I'm not that familiar with Right Wing Commentator Bill Whittle. Other then a few videos I've seen about him the last few days. And before that I had never heard of him. But he seems to be a spokesperson for the Tea Party Movement or one of its followers. From what I've picked up about him and he uses its rhetoric. The Welfare State is Marxist Socialist etc, Progressive Democrats want a Socialist takeover of America. And that the Tea Party prevented this from happening in the 2010 Mid Terms. This is how the Tea Party talks and as I've blogged before. The Tea Party could've been something big, had they been an actual Classical Conservative Movement. That was in the business of returning the Republican Party back to Reagan Conservatism. And had not of gotten in bed with Religious and Neoconservatives, with an Economic Libertarian message. But that wanted to put new limits on how Americans lived they're lives. They've now become Big Government Republicans, which is how Rep. Michelle Bachmann came to National Exposure in 2011. And why she ran for President in 2011. She's a Big Government Republican that wants to put new restrictions on how people live they're own lives.

After Michelle Bachmann's Presidential Campaign bombed like a Steven Segall Movie Festival. The Tea Party went for Newt Gingrich but then Newt the Nutty Professor he is. Decided that Religious and Neoconservatives doesn't like Mitt Romney. And that he was going to get they're votes and he became a Religious Conservative. Making issues out of Birth Control, Same Sex Marriage, targeting Mitt for being in favor of Civil Rights for homosexuals. And then Newt bombed when he forgot that he had a debate last February and only showed up physically. The Tea Party went for Rick Santorum, the ultimate Big Government Republican. This is my whole point about people who go off on Big Government, especially coming from the Tea Party. If your going to do that, first you better know what your talking about. And you better not be in favor of Big Government yourself. Otherwise you'll sound like Michael Moore talking about the dangers of obesity. Someone who only knows from bad experience.

As a Liberal I don't like Big Government period, whether its coming from the Far Left or Far Right. Whether its Big Government Socialism from Progressives or Big Government Authoritarianism from Neoconservatives. And to go from Big Government Progressivism to Big Government Neoconservatism. Is not a trade I would make, that would like be choosing. To die through strangulation or suffocation. I would pass and ask for another option, that didn't include death as part of it. Which is something that people in the Tea Party doesn't understand. Big Government is still big whether its Socialist or Authoritarian.
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