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Monday, May 7, 2012

Gay Marriage: "President Obama Parsing the Issue Feels Dishonest to Voters": Why won't the President step up

Here's an example of where Vice President Biden gets caught being honest. Which happens on a regular basis, especially for a politician. Especially for a politician as high ranking as Joe Biden. Where this can help President Obama, the White House should be all over this issue. Instead of trying to convince people that the Vice President. Has the same position as the President, at least officially, with the President. When only maybe Barack Obama actually knows his position on Same Sex Marriage. You know its great to have a Big Picture perspective. It prevents you from jumping into things too quickly. And you can avoid early dumb mistakes with this approach. But its another when your a Leader, especially the President of the United States. The most powerful and most important job in the World, essentially the Leader of the Free World. And not take a stand at all, to always run the ball three times and punt. And not take a stand on big issues, Same Sex Marriage and broader Equal Rights for homosexuals. Is not as important as Equal Right for Racial and Ethnic Minorities. But its the most important Civil Rights issue of the century so far.

Are we going to treat homosexuals as equally as heterosexuals. Or are we going to continue to pander to a small ignorant fringe. Who simply don't like homosexuals and if anything would like to see them eliminated. Same Sex Marriage is Barack Obama's Jack Kennedy moment on Civil Rights. And he's not even in the game yet or advanced the ball at all. Vice President Biden has made his position clear and did it on a National Platform like NBC Meet The Press. Where millions on Americans will now know his position. Its the right thing to do morally and legally, to not discriminate against people. Because of their sexuality, which has nothing to do to determine whether a person is good, bad or in between. But if President Obama wants to play politics on this issue. Its a winner for him, especially amongst young voters such as myself. As well as Liberal Democrats, again such as myself. A base the President has to have.

Who is President Obama worrying about offending, Religious and Neoconservatives. Who'll never vote for him to begin with, who perhaps still see Barack Obama. As an Illegal Immigrant, who's also an African Muslim from Kenya, who by the way is also a Socialist. The country is split on Same Sex Marriage, is he really worried about offending Independents. Remember, "its the economy stupid", its still the economy stupid. Especially for Independent Voters.
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