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Friday, May 18, 2012

In Chicago, Nurses Rally for "Robin Hood" Tax: A Chicago Rally for more Tax and Spending

This week Progressives, Organize Labor and other Progressive Organizations will be rallying in Chicago. In favor of new Tax Hikes, actually rallying for Tax Hikes and no not in Sweden but in America. Only Progressives pay taxes with smiles on their faces, as well as protesting against NATO and the G8, the group of Developed Nations in the World. Not rallying for Tax Hikes, because they are concern about the Federal Debt and Deficit, now 16T$ and 1.8T$ respectfully. But to pass a Tax Hike, to do the things that Progressives are always stereotyped as and for good reason, as Tax and Spenders. Who believe government can spend peoples money better then the people who make the money. You probably won't see the President or any other Democratic Leader at these rallies and for good reason, they don't want to be linked with them. The Congressional Progressive Caucus and others who believe in this Fiscal Policy may be there but they agree with this strategy. And can afford to be seen supporting it, because they represent for the most part, only people who tend to agree with them. They represent House Districts, not States, they don't have to campaign in Florida, just a section on that State.

These rallies will be calling for a Global Financial Tax on corporations, that do business on Wall Street. Handing over American Independence to make these decisions for ourselves and giving this power to the United Nations or World Bank, some International Organization. I understand the need for Progressives to organize and get out there and lay out exactly what they believe. And I respect them for that, we are Big Government Progressives and are proud of it, we believe in Democratic Socialism. But they also represent a lot of the negative stereotypes of the Democratic Party, that cost the Democratic Party. 5-6 Presidential Elections from 1968-88, that Bill Clinton worked so hard to erase and to tell Americans that we are a Liberal Party. But we are not a Socialist Party, looking to tax people so much, that there isn't much left for Americans to do on our own.

Had these Progressive Organizations gotten together to call for a new tax on Corporate America. So that they and the wealthy pay their fair share in Deficit Reduction, then they would have a broader base t speak to. And people who don't think exactly like them would get behind that and they could broaden their base. But when you call for Tax Hikes, for more Tax and Spending , you just feed into the stereotypes of Tax and Spend Progressives.
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