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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

John Fraser On The Monarchy In Canada: Why Canada is different from Britain

Canada isn't a Monarchy, Democratic, Socialist, Authoritarian or any other type of Monarchy. What they have is a Governor General who essentially represents Canada with the British Monarchy in the United Kingdom. And they recognize not only the fact that Britain has a Monarchy but their close relationship with Britain and history with it, that a lot of Brits, English, Irish etc immigrated to Canada and built what Canada is today. Similar to how Australia recognizes the United Kingdom as well, not that they are a Monarchy either but the fact that they have close ties to Britain, with the fact that there are a lot of Australians, that are of British background as well. What Canada is, is essentially a Confederation of Provinces, A Constitutional Parliamentary Federal Republic basically, they are a Socialist Democracy.

The Canadian form of government actually not that much different then the United States, replace the President with a Prime Minister. Direct Elections of the Chief Executive, with the House of Commons deciding who the next Prime Minister will be. So as a non Canadian but someone who follows Canadian News, probably closer then most Americans. Its a little odd to me that the Harper Government not Administration, other differences between Canada and America, America has Check and Balances and Separation of Powers. Is that they would call their military, the Air Force to use as an example or Federal Police, the Royal Air Force or Royal Mounties, instead of just Federal Air Force and Federal Mounties. Because again Canada isn't a Monarchy but a Federal Republic, you could call Canada, the Confederate Provinces of Canada, which would be a much more interesting name for a country, then just Canada.

Canada doesn't even call themselves the Republic of Canada but perhaps thats for another blog. They simply just call themselves Canada. But I'm guessing Canadians who were born and raised in Canada have as much feeling for Britain as, do Americans. Which isn't much as far as our National Affiliation.
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