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Friday, May 4, 2012

John Nichols: How to Build a Movement: The Future of American Progressivism

If you look at the Progressive Movement in America, you'll see a Political Faction. Thats spread out over at least five different Political Parties. And I would include the Progressive Caucus in the Democratic Party, as one of those Parties. Who I believe are mainly Democrats for political reasons, which is different from ideological reasons. They want to get elected and reelected and understand the need for resources to do that. And they are much better off being part of a Left of Center Party in the Democratic Party. Then being part of a Far Left Party, like the Green Party, Democratic Socialist Party or even yes the Progressive Party. That calculation has paid off in the sense, of getting Progressives elected to Congress. Eighty of them or so but not enough of them, to be in the Leadership of the Democratic Party. And certainly not running the Democratic Party, just look at the Democratic Agenda. And the legislation that the Democratic Leadership offers, that. Progressives are constantly complaining about not being Progressive enough. Its written by Liberal and Moderate Liberal Democrats, who are different from Progressives.

For American Progressives to be a strong force in American Politics. They need a Progressive Party, that will speak for they're movement. That will take on Republicans and Libertarians and even Democrats when they feel they aren't Progressive enough. That will run they're own Presidential Candidates and give Progressives a choice amongst. Different Progressives in who to vote for, instead of always being left, with Ralpf Nader or the Democrat. That will run they're own Congressional Candidates, both the House and Senate. That will run they're own Candidates for State Office, Governor and Legislature. They already have they're Special Interest Groups as well as Think Tanks, I get a bunch of emails from them everyday. Including some of these Progressive Third Parties but again they are spread out. Instead of having one party that can speak for its movement.

Liberals have a party the Democratic Party, the entire Right Wing already has its party. From the Far Right to Center Right, in the Republican Party. There's a Libertarian Party but Progressives are spread out amongst the Democratic Party and Progressive Third Parties. United We Stand, Spread Out, we are Divided and Fall. Is something Progressives should learn and put together one party that can unite its whole movement.
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