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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Current: The War Room With Jennifer Granholm: "We have to fight': Teamsters President James Hoffa JR says Mitt Romney Wants Eliminate Organize Labor"

To understand the Workers Rights debate and thats exactly what is, the right of Workers who tend to be Middle Class in America. People who apparently Mitt Romney believes are under taxed, because he has a Middle Class Tax Hike in his economic plan. You have to know that its about Economic Freedom for people in the Middle Class, that if you believe in Economic Freedom, you believe in it for everyone, not just for executives and stockholders. But for the workers who make executives and the wealthy, well wealthy with their productivity, one of the reasons why American Workers are so well paid compared with a lot of other countries. Is because of their productivity, so they are simply worth a lot more economically then people in lets say Mexico and even in Japan. And based on their productivity, they are probably even underpaid and anyone who knows that if America really had a Free Market economy. American Workers would probably be making a hell of a lot more money then they do today and another reason why American Workers do so well compared with a lot of the rest of the World, has to do with Organize Labor. The ability for American Workers to collectively bargain, which is something that Tea Party Republicans are trying to eliminate.

To understand this debate you also have to understand what Right to Work is, which is a bogus term. Right to Work suggests that Americans have a Right to Work, that we are entitled to a job in the United States based on our Citizenship. Which is simply not true, no American is automatically entitled to a job, based on the Constitution or Statue, jobs are something we have to earn in this country. Thats not what these Right to Work Laws are, what they really are giving employers the Right of Absolute Power, meaning they wouldn't have Organize Labor to hold them accountable. Right to Work means that Organize Labor would essentially be outlawed, which is something that Democrats shouldn't tolerate and any real Conservative Republican shouldn't tolerate either. Republicans who actually believe in Individual Freedom and don't just talk about it.

I'm a Liberal Democrat and I'm not anti Capitalist, anti Corporate or anti business, I'm pro all of those things but I'm also pro Worker as well, the people who. Make these companies successful and I don't believe most corporations or executives are evil like a lot of Progressives. I believe by in large they perform a good function for the country, I just don't believe they deserve Absolute Power. Like a lot of Republicans who apparently do.
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