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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Midweek Politics: Texas Judge Predicts Civil War if President Obama Re-Elected: Mental Patients On The Loose

Back when Barack Obama was running for President in 2008 and then of course won the Democratic Nomination. There was a Birther Movement created to examine the Birth Certificate of then Senator Obama, a well as his American Citizenship of a Presidential Nominee in the United States. Apparently unaware that you actually have to be an American Citizen to serve in Congress, House or Senate. They were also examining the Birth Certificate of the Democratic Presidential Nominee, these Birthers are apparently unaware that you have to of been born in the United States. Or one of your biological parents had to of been born in the United States to be eligible to run for the United States as well. I mention these things for a couple of reasons, one had there of been any problems with Barack Obama's Birth Certificate or Citizenship, they would've come out back in 2003-04 when he was running for the US Senate in Illinois. But forget that for moment, the fact that Barack's mother was born in the United States, even though his father was born in Kenya. Is all the evidence that you need to know that Barack Obama is an American Citizen, as well as eligible to run and be President of the United States. And then there's of course Barack's Hawaii Birth Certificate as well, case close for any sane intelligent person.

Then in early 2009 shortly after Barack Obama became President, Governor Rick Perry of "don't mess with Texas". Announced that Texas should consider succeeding from the Union because we had a Socialist as President, as it turns out Governor Perry was already considering running for President for 2012. But he knows his State pretty well or he should by now after being Governor of it by that point for eight years. And he knows what plays well politically there in that State and how unpopular President Obama is there, meaning he was never serious about it. Early this year after Ted Nugent had just escaped from his latest stay in a Mental Institution. He announced that if President Obama was reelected, he would be shot while in office. This is the level of intelligence and sanity thats in the GOP right now or better yet lack of it. That people like Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann would be taken seriously as Presidential Candidates.

The latest escape Mental Patient on the lose, is down once again in Texas, a County Judge of all people. I hope they don't let him preside over cases from the Institution, announced that if the President is reelected, he will put together an army to physically remove the President from the White House. My question along with David Pakman is, where is the US Secret Service on this, this person at the very least should be brought in for questioning.
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