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Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Young Turks: "DEA Head's Absurd Marijuana Testimony": The Obama Administration's Anti Science Approach To The War on Drugs

This is going to sound like a made up World but see if you stick with me for a moment. Imagine if we lived in a World of facts and science and we lived in this World back in 1971. When the United States declared War on Narcotics, not all Narcotics just some of them. Marijuana would've been declared legal then if not way before 1971, why because people back then would've seen the science and facts about it. A drug that has similar side affects to that of tobacco and alcohol, to legal drugs that for whatever reasons, which I bet have nothing to do with facts or science. Are both legal in the United States, even with the boatload of diseases that are both connected to them and the costs. They bring to our Healthcare System but we don't live in a World of facts and science, our Presidential Campaigns are perfect examples of that. Because as surprising at this may sound, or as hysterical as this may sounds, there are actually plenty of intelligent people in the Federal Government. I know shocking right please control yourselves, before you throw your backs out from laughing at that too hard. Because there's more, they see all of the facts and evidence when it comes to the War on Drugs, as well as people outside of the Federal Government.

They know exactly what the War on Drugs is about and what's it based on and it has almost nothing to do with facts or science. The Director of the USDEA testimony is a perfect example of that, when Democratic Representative Jared Polis asked her today. Is marijuana as dangerous as heroin and she replied essentially that all narcotic are dangerous, she dodged the question. Why because she either knows the answer which would hurt her agencies case in enforcing the War on Drugs. Or she's so ignorant about the War on Drugs, the War she's responsible in prosecuting and doesn't know the answer to this fundamental question. By the way Representative Polis gave her multiple opportunities to answer this basic fundamental question and she kept coming back with. All narcotics are dangerous, rather then answering is marijuana as dangerous as cocaine, heroin or meth.

Had the DEA Director and I apologize for not remembering her name said that marijuana is not as dangerous. As the other narcotics, the obvious followup would be why is it illegal and had she said marijuana is as dangerous, she would be asked to prove that, which she can't. The evidence of that is simply not there. And had she answered she doesn't know, that makes her look very ignorant about the main issue she has jurisdiction over.
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