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Sunday, September 16, 2012

AlterNet: Far Right: "Our Speech is Freer!": The Far Left Getting on The Far Right Over Free Speech

Far Right: Our Speech is Freer! | Alternet

Here's a funny story the Far Left in America courtesy of the AlterNet Magazine, getting on the Far Right when it comes to Free Speech. And this article is correct here, that Neoconservatives tend to attack the Left for going after their Constitutional Rights to speak or what Leftists such as myself would call hate. I have no problems with the Far Right preaching their hate in America, as long as they don't act on it and then claim. Their actions aren't protected by their First Amendment Rights, which they claim is, which is  completely bogus, my issue has to do with hypocrisy the here where Progressives tend to believe that Hate Speech isn't protected by the First Amendment. Even though they've lost court decision after court decision over this and every time some Neoconservative nut preaches their hate about Islam or Homosexuality, whether its Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann or someone else. The Far Left responds by trying to get these people censored and shut down by holding protests, when the fact is both sides have a Constitutional Right to speak their mind. Just as long as they aren't threatening violence.
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