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Thursday, September 13, 2012

AlterNet: The Hidden Progressive History of Income Tax

The Hidden Progressive History of Income Tax | Alternet

You want to hear a joke, well I'll tell you it anyway, you want to find someone in the United States who likes taxes. Find a Progressive and you'll of found that person, because these are the only people who like taxes, fill out their tax sheets with smiles on their faces, treat Tax Day as a holiday. While the rest of the country supports holidays like Independence Day, which is not called Collectivist Day by the way, Independence Day. As well as Memorial Day honoring the people who served in our military and many other holidays, that Progressives tend to view as corny or bigoted or selfish. But with Progressives you see demonstrations against the government demanding that they are able to pay more in taxes and demanding tax increases. And write checks to the government paying them more in taxes that they feel they should be required to pay. While the rest of the country goes out of its way to avoid taxes and paying less in them, which Progressives view as selfish.
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