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Thursday, September 6, 2012

CNN Early Start: DNC Chairman Wasserman Schultz on Removing God and Jerusalem from the Party Platform: Democratic Self Inflicted Wound

If this is the worst story that comes out for Democrats in the 2012 DNC, then they'll more then have a successful convention. That will put them in position for a big victory in November, because they'll have the whole base united and will be able to target Independent Voters, the people who haven't decided yet. But still this is a Self Inflicted Wound, removing God and Jerusalem from the Party Platform, when Democrats need Jews, Catholics across the board, Irish, Italian, Latino all voting Democratic in 2012. And the other problem is that they punched Jewish Americans in the gut on two fronts, on Jerusalem and God, the fact there are plenty of Religious Democrats. As Republicans like to claim the other way and Democrats need Religious Voters to vote Democratic and they need Jewish Voters as well and the last thing you want to do, when you are trying to win an election. Is to offend the base that you have to have in order to win, especially when Religious Democrats and Jewish Democrats aren't extreme, we are not talking about the Religious Right here. But everyday Democrats who get up in the morning, go to work everyday, raise their kids, go to church or another Religious House of Worship on Sunday.

The Platform Committee screw up to me just tells me that the Atheist Left in the Democratic Party. Who've been trying to move the Democratic Party in another direction for twenty years or more, just had way too much influence on this committee and they got their motions through the committee. And when word got to the Obama Campaign, the President put his foot down and told them that you have to change this now or we can't move forward. The Presidential Nominee doesn't write the Party Platform but if they see something in it thats offensive and extreme, they'll. Put their foot down and make sure that gets eliminated from the Platform, which is what I believe happened here. The adults in the room stepped up and laid down the law and sent the fringe in the party, the kids to their rooms and told them this is how it is and this is how its going to be.

A horrible play by the Platform Committee but when you have a good Head Coach, you can correct things when they go wrong. And call better plays in the future and return the party or team to back to where they were, that Democrats not only respect Religious Democrats as well as Jerusalem and the State of Israel as a whole.
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