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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Current TV: The Bill Press Show: Mitt Romney's Weakness on Foreign Policy

The problem with Mitt Romney attacking President Obama on Foreign Policy, is that he's trying to beat the President at his own game. He's trying to beat him in an area thats a weakness for himself and that generally doesn't work, so what he does is criticize him, where his charges are accurate or not. And then when asked what he would do instead, he either only answers in sound bites or says things that makes him sound like President Bush and that tells voters. Wait didn't we do that before and look where that got us. Mitt needs to get back on the economy and stay there and layout a plan. That will generate Economic and Job Growth, that sounds better then what President Obama wants to do and only talk Foreign Policy, when it comes up or when he can develop his own Foreign Policy. And not borrow ideas from Neoconservatives.
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