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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

RTAmerica: The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann: The GOP Idea of Freedom: How Progressives Come Up Short on Freedom

No offense to Thom Hartmann but Progressives don't have a great track record, at least not lately when. It comes to freedom, Progressives at least lately seem to have the idea, that freedom is the freedom for people to have to take care of themselves, because government would do that for us, at of. Course at our own expense, the freedom to not have to decide how much healthcare we need and who to pay to cover us, the freedom to not have to save for retirement, the freedom from having to listen. To nasty language, the freedom to not get unhealthy, because junk food, soft drinks, perhaps even tobacco and alcohol would not be available, I know some Progressives that believe that. Marijuana should remain illegal, even though marijuana legalization is broadly supported by Leftists, Liberals and Progressives alike and Progressives have even more weakness's when it comes to. Freedom or what I would call lack of freedom, in areas of how we can spend our own money, things like gambling and other forms of entertainment that they may consider insulting or bigoted. This is not freedom but its a lack of freedom, lately the Progressive idea of freedom, is for the people to have the freedom to not have to take Personal Responsibility with their own lives. To not have to take care of ourselves, because government is going to do that for us at our expense.

I could spend a whole blog laying out where Neoconservatives, where the far right comes up short when. It comes to freedom and they may even be worse then the far left but Thom Hartmann gave his critique about the right, so I'm going to right the counter critique, not to speak up for. Neoconservatives but just to point out the Progressives have weakness's here and its a little hard to here someone who believes that government has a role in preventing people from living. Unhealthy and actually be able to control what we eat, to try to ban things that are currently legal, because these foods and drinks are unhealthy, because of the hypocrisy in it. What freedom is, is the ability for people to have choices in how they live their lives and the ability to live their own. Lives as long as they aren't taking other peoples freedom away from them, because of how they live their lives. Not protecting people from making bad decisions with their own lives.
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