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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Salon: Can Anyone Save The GOP?

Can anyone save the GOP?

Yes but it won't happen overnight, what the GOP needs to do to remain a major Political Party into the future. Is go back to the future and be what they once were, the Party of Goldwater/Reagan, Fiscally and Economically Conservative Party but that was tolerant on Social Issues or even Social Conservatives in the classical. Sense that government wouldn't interfere with how people lived their lives, as long as they weren't hurting others with what they were doing. They need the Ron Paul's of the World, they need the Northeastern Republicans, like Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, Scott Brown, Charlie Bass, Judd Greg and may others. Members and former Members of Congress that grew up and were active in Republicans Politics in the Goldwater/Reagan era. The GOP hangs on and brings these people back, you would see Fiscally Conservative and Socially Liberal Independents come back to the GOP and even Libertarians would come back as well. But todays GOP can't last the way its currently structured, because the people who. Run the party, won't be around ten years from now or out of office, because the country is moving left on Social Issues, as we are becoming more tolerant as a country.
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