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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Salon: Could Mitt Romney Take Paul Ryan Down With Him?

Could Romney take Ryan down with him?

The answer is yes and here's why, remember why if you even know the answer to this of then Senator Jack Kennedy. Even though he competed for Adlai Stevenson's VP slot and lost but why the way that helped him, because Adlai was going to lose overwhelmingly anyway and since Jack Kennedy didn't run with him. He couldn't be blamed for Adlai losing as badly as he did and also remember, again if you know the answer to this of what. Representative Paul Ryan's reputation in Congress was before he was selected to be Mitt's VP Nominee, a straight shooter and someone who understood economics and the Federal Budget very well. But what has he been doing the last couple months, defending his record, as well as statements that he's made. About President Obama's record and called out on false statements he's made about both, this election was. Tied in early August when Mitt chose Paul and now the President has a clear lead, including leads in all of the battleground States, Paul has done nothing for Mitt as far as taking a lead in the election and. Giving him momentum, they are now down in Paul's home State of Wisconsin and the State where Paul Ryan went to college in Ohio and Paul was suppose to be able to help Mitt in both States.

As this election gets into the last couple of weeks or so, if it still looks like Mitt Romney is going to lose and perhaps lose big. Paul Ryan needs to think about breaking from Mitt, not dropping out but spend that time rebuilding his reputation and preparing for the future, perhaps as Ranking Member of the House Budget Committee, instead of Chairman, if Mitt loses an electoral landslide and Democrats take back the House. But stop defending Mitt and attacking the President with false statements and concentrate on rebuilding his reputation, if he wants a future in the GOP.
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