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Friday, September 28, 2012

Salon: Sorry, it’s not Mitt Romney’s Fault: Trying to Lead a Party of Children

Sorry, it’s not Romney’s fault

Wow the second time in the last two weeks I'm sorta standing up for Mitt Romney but its true, Mitt is 20-30. Years past his time as far as the Republican Party, the GOP as it stands today is not the GOP that Mitt grew up with. And was a member of as a young man and as an early middle age man and someone who was finally elected to Public Office in his mid fifties in 2002. This is now a Far Right party that sees Americans of today as Un American, if they don't look at the World the way they do and people who don't belong. In America, its no longer a big tent party, that can win all across the country but is essentially made up of people, who are aren't accustomed to being with people who aren't from their community and see these people. As Un American and Mitt finds himself having to try to appease to these people, while looking sane and tolerant to the rest of the country and its just something that can be done. Because the fringe he needs to vote for him, are completely different from the rest of the country and its sort of an either-or proposition. You can't please both.
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