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Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Nation: Ari Berman Interviewing Howard Dean- The Case For Barack Obama

Source: The Nation- Howard Dean-
Source: The Nation: Ari Berman Interviewing Howard Dean- The Case For Barack Obama

The path to reelection for President Obama is through the Midwest. Where he's leading almost everywhere except for Missouri and Indiana. He holds those leads and he gets reelected. The case for Barack Obama for reelection as President of the United States, is pretty obvious. Where was the country before he became President in 2008-09 and where is it now. And who has the better plan to move the country forward from where we are now. America is better off now eight years later after Barack Obama was elected President. The economy is growing and we're creating jobs. Even the deficit has fallen under President Obama. Economic growth is not as strong as anyone wants it. Unemployment is still too high, but we're growing and we're creating jobs right now. Two things we weren't doing the day before Barack Obama became President in 2009. W'e're also no longer responsible for the national security of either Afghanistan and Iraq. Both countries are moving forward with their own national defenses. Two things neither country was doing in 2008-09.

So you look at where the country was pre-President Barack Obama.

The Great Recession, the Stock Market collapsing, people losing their homes, jobs, business's, health insurance, etc.

Then you look at where the country is now. Plus-economic growth, third-straight year of positive job growth, more people having health insurance today than they did in 2008. We're moving out of both Afghanistan and Iraq and being replaced with an Afghani national military and an Iraqi national military.

And then you look at the alternative and you see Mitt Romney whose economic plan looks like the twin brother of President George W. Bush's economic plan. Just like his Massachusetts health care plan as Governor of Massachusetts looks like the twin brother of the 2010 Affordable Care Act.

And then you have to ask the question do we want to move forward as a country, or do we want to go back to the Bush years and once again occupy Afghanistan and Iraq, go back to trillion-dollar deficits, etc. That is really the question for 2012. Which direction do you want to go in.

And then there's another question you have to consider. Mitt Romney as George W. Bush II when it comes to policy, plus a Tea Party led Republican Congress. That will still control the House of Representatives, at the very least. And most likely a Tea Party led Republican Senate. Unless the presidential election is close and Senate Democrats manage to hold onto the Senate. This is another question the Far-Left (or Socialist-Left) needs to answer. People who are mad that Barack Obama isn't a Socialist. Instead of the Tea Party hating him, because they believe President Obama is a Socialist. Even if you don't like President Obama, at least he and Senate Democrats, would hold the Tea Party House in check and serve as a check against the Tea Party. Something a President Mitt Romney would never do, because he would be worried about his own reflection and not wanting a primary challenger from the Far-Right in 2016. So that is what it comes down for Democrats who are on the fence in 2012. Do you don't want a President Mitt Romney, the only way you stop that is by voting for President Obama.
The Nation: Ari Berman Interviewing Howard Dean- The Case For Barack Obama- Video
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