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Monday, September 17, 2012

The Thom Hartmann Show: Should We Really be Banning Super Size Sodas: Why Government Can't Protect Adults From Themselves

Here's an example of why Progressives are stereotyped as people who are trying to control peoples lives. Because they support things like soda and junk food bans, in the name of trying to protect people from themselves, which is wrong on two fronts, one having to do with practical. This won't work if New Yorkers can't get their junk in NYC, they'll get it in North Jersey or Connecticut. But its wrong for a philosophical point of view as well, because you are trying to protect adults from. Themselves thats exactly what this whole debate is about, too many people unhealthy so we as a government are going to try to stop people from being unhealthy, even if we can't again because unhealthy. Habits will be readily available in other jurisdictions but here's a catch, they'll be taxed and regulated, so if Joe and Mary want to eat and drink unhealthy and drive up their healthcare costs. That they may or may not be able to cover themselves, again because of their choices, they are going to have to pay a price for that and part of that cost will be lacking the ability. To afford to be unhealthy in the future, less money for alcohol, tobacco and other forms of junk for peoples bodies.

There's nothing Liberal about trying to control how grown adults live their own lives, there's no Personal Freedom in that. What we would do in a system like this is giving up that Liberty, actually not giving it up, more like it being snatched from us to be able to make those decisions. For us in the future, does New York really not have enough people in jail or prison, are they really looking for ways to put more New Yorkers in jail and have fewer Tax Payers on the street. Again for not hurting other people but for what they do to themselves, which is to choose to live unhealthy but again if we don't want to have to fund the healthcare of people who. Make these bad decisions, then we shouldn't and have them pay for it themselves and have the money being given to the hospitals who are going to end up being stuck with the bills of people. Who go to the hospital for emergencies because they haven't taken care of themselves.

Have Progressives figured out that prohibition doesn't work, have they've heard about alcohol prohibition or prohibition on other drugs in this country. And now they are attempting the same thing as it relates to tobacco, salt and sugar and I bet caffeine will be coming in the future which. Will affect all of the coffee drinkers in this country, there's nothing Liberal about Statism which is what these bans are but apparently they are considered to be Progressive.
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