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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Thom Hartmann Show: "These Are Not Your Eisenhower Republicans": Todays GOP

I've been writing a lot lately about today's GOP, again as I'm going to call it because today's Republicans. In a lot of cases not everyone as I pointed out last night but a lot of them are only Republicans in name only, people who aren't crazy about Republicanism or even Democracy. If it gets in the way with their agenda, which is appealing to the Far Right that now runs the GOP. Today and I'm going to try to sound original here but I've been blogging a lot about this lately, so I'll do what. I cam but the thing is I've been hearing a lot of Constructive Criticism of today's GOP, from non Republicans lately, who actually like and still respect some Republicans, such as I and even work with them from time to time. But are just different ideologically and are not always able to work together obviously. Even from people like Senator Sherrod Brown a Progressive Democrat, who I'm sure has one of the farthest left records in Congress but at the end of the day is not a nut. And is also a legislature and is reasonable, who does have a record of working with Republicans, even with people like Senator Tom Coburn or Dr. No, he's a real life doctor, who probably. Has one of the farthest right records in Congress but is someone that people can work with.

What Senator Brown I'm guessing sees today someone who I believe is in his late 50s, from what I've read about him. Is someone who may remember the last years of the Eisenhower Presidency, started High School back in Ohio. During the Nixon Presidency, was already an adult by the time Gerry Ford became President, Reagan, Bush and so fourth. Grew up with an idea of what Republicans were, that this was the anti Big Government Party that use to be home to Libertarians. Government shouldn't be interfering with how Americans live their lives, until they interfere with how other Americans live their lives. That Economic Freedom is good and Socialism is bad and so fourth, that we have to be strong at home and abroad, that government closest to the people. Is the best government, that we need to be Fiscally Responsible and not run up huge debt and deficits. Senator Brown I'm sure doesn't agree with a lot of these things but probably sees them as legitimate policies, that a responsible party would believe in.

That GOP of then is basically dead and buried, Libertarians now have a Libertarian Party where, thirty years ago. The GOP would've been a nice fit for them but today freedom is not what the GOP is concern with but how Americans should live their lives, that they should live them the right way. According to Neoconservative Republicans, these are just some of the differences between the GOP that Sherrod Brown grew up with and the GOP of today.
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