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Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Young Turks: Conservatism and the Republican Party: Granddaughter of Icon Barry Goldwater: Why The GOP Should Rebuild or Shut Down

I wrote a short blog yesterday on why today's GOP which is basically the our version of one of those Far Right parties that you see in Europe or Israel. They are not quite a Communist Party but perhaps we should give them some time but they are certainly a Right Statist Party that believes in Limited Freedom. Rather then Limited Government, that you sometimes see in Europe that from time to time gets to work in coalition with the Center Right Party thats in power, like in Germany or France. This is not Barry Goldwater or Gerry Ford or Ron Reagan's GOP anymore, todays GOP is the party of Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Todd Aiken, Steve King and other Neoconservatives. Who see Americans who don't look at the World exactly as they do as Un American and even traitors, perhaps people who should be in jail or deported, who like to talk about freedom. But only like to talk about it, there idea of freedom is to essentially eliminate taxes and regulations on the wealthy and hope if that, that some how makes down to the rest of us and benefits. The rest of the country and Religious Freedom is really about Freedom for Christians to be religious and Individual Freedom is really about the Freedom for Americans to live their lives the way Neoconservatives want them to.

Thats not the Goldwater/Reagan GOP that they built up that believed in Economic Freedom and Fiscal Responsibility. But also believed in Civil Liberties, Workers Rights, Freedom of Speech, the Right to Vote, privacy, the US Constitution basically that Neoconservatives see as annoying or. Un American today even though it was written by Americans, this is a party that simply can't survive the long haul as a major Political Party, they will simply go out of business. As America becomes more Liberal-Libertarian on Social Issues and as we become more minority, people the GOP. Simply is going to have to appeal to in order to survive in the future, Florida is already a swing State and now North Carolina and Virginia are as well as more people move into these States. Who are either from different countries or from other parts of the country like the Northeast, perhaps looking to escape big city life.

The Republican Party has a future if it wants one but not on the road they are going down, thats a real Fiscally Conservative Party. But Fiscally Conservative across the board when it comes to the Federal Government, that believe in Economic Freedom but for everybody not just business's and. Is at least tolerant on Social Issues and that government shouldn't be interfering in peoples personal lives, that gets back to Federalism and States Rights and brings Libertarians and. Northeastern Republicans back to the party.
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