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Monday, September 24, 2012

Thom Hartmann Show: Callers Share What Freedom Means to Them: What Makes Me a Liberal Democrat

This is the perfect subject to blog about for me, because it goes right up my ally, in what Liberal Democracy and Liberalism is to me. What it means to be a Liberal and why I'm a Liberal, Individual Freedom, the ability for people and we are talking about adults, juveniles has less Freedom under law. And thats a good thing but the Freedom for free adults to live their own lives, until they take the Freedom of innocent people to live their own lives away. Thats what Freedom is and the number one job of government, if not only job of government is protect the Individual Freedom of free adults. And to expand the Freedom for people who deserve it but don't have it, because they simply don't have the Freedom to live their own lives, because they are dependent on Public Assistance to survive. That we are all judge at least under law, as individuals and not members of groups, what Dr. Martin King said, by the content of our character and not by the color of our skin and that includes. All Americans whether they are minority or majority and thats where I come down and covers everything from Economic Freedom, where we would have the Freedom to be as successful in life. Based on our production an qualifications, as well as Personal Freedom, where again we have the Freedom to live our own lives.

What I just wrote I believe would offend just about every Progressive and Neoconservative, who reads it. And I'm not trying to sound partisan here but Progressives and Neoconservatives simply have a more Statist approach when it comes to individuals, that government main job is to. Look after and protect people even from themselves and its the job of government to prevent people from making what they call mistakes, even if that means protecting people from themselves. Progressives as it relates to living a healthy lifestyle, controlling what we can eat and drink, as we've seen up in New York and Neoconservatives at it relates to issues like pornography. And homosexuality and unfortunately many others, they have different approaches but their goals are the same, use government to protect the people, not just the innocent from the guilty but the innocent even. From themselves at times so America is safe as possible.

If Progressives and Neoconservatives had their way, America would be at least the goal would be for America. To be a very safe and dull country, where Americans wouldn't be allowed to make mistakes, because our Freedom would be so limited, where Uncle Sam would have a lot of authority. In the country to protect Americans from themselves, thats not what Freedom is and what it means to live in a Liberal Democracy. Liberal Democracy, which is really what Liberalism is about, is the Freedom to even make mistakes, as long as your mistakes don't hurt innocent people.
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