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Monday, September 24, 2012

Washington Monthly: Paul Glastris: Why The 2012 Race is a Referendum on George W. Bush

The 2012 Presidential Election is partly a referendum on President Bush, because Democrats have successfully. Linked Republicans with the Bush Years, because a lot of these Republicans were with President Bush and supported his policies and Republicans haven't taken it seriously enough and haven't been. Able to distinguish themselves from the Bush Administration, their policies look very similar from what came from President Bush and the GOP has been paying a price for it and Mitt Romney probably won't. Recover from it, which is why Senate Democrats will probably retain the Senate and why I believe the House will be in play as well. But the other problem that Republicans have is that Democrats and President Obama have also been successful in making this election a choice, which is what the convention was about. And saying this didn't work and why we are here today, this is what we have been doing and this is what we'll do in the future.
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