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Monday, October 8, 2012

Al Jazeera: Eurozone Unlocks 650B Crisis Rescue Fund

Before Progressives should bash the American Economy for us not being Socialist enough and not being. More like Europe, they should look at Socialist Europe and the Socialist Democracies there and see how the economies that are struggling there, except for Germany, which is the only large Euro State. Thats growing at a steady rate and not facing huge debt and deficits right now, because they are producing, creating Economic and Job Growth, they probably also has the most Liberal Economic System. Of these States as well, with more Economic Freedom, America shouldn't be looking at Britain right now for our economy, or France but taking a look at Germany and focusing on. Things that we can do well, rebuilding our own country and producing and exporting more in our Manufacturing and Auto Industries, not taxing and spending more to create a larger Public Sector. We need stronger Private Sector Growth right now instead.
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