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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Al Jazeera: Greek Unemployment to Top Spain

A big problem that Greece has right now with its deficit and debt, is that their government is simply. Too big doing too much for the Greek people, Greeks expect way too much from their government, which might be find when times are good and maybe they can bring in the taxes. To pay for it but when times are bad or real bad, it leads to high debt and deficits because the economy. Is way too slow to finance such a large Socialist Government that Greece has, which means they are being. Forced to not only cut the size of the Greek Government but to reform it so the Greek people are doing more for themselves and being less dependent on the Greek Government to support. Their lives but the good news is that with more privatization, comes more Tax Revenue to fund the things. That the Greek Government should be doing for its people, so Greece right now needs to cut, reform. And generate more Economic Growth so more Greeks are working and collecting less Public Assistance.
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