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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Al Jazeera: Longer Lives For Women Smokers Who Quit Early

Cutting back on smoking is just one way America can cut its healthcare costs, without sacrificing freedom. Not by banning smoking just discouraging people from smoking all together, start with adolescents, as well as adults who've already started smoking, by simply saying to them. That if you choose to smoke, you do it at your own risk and no one else's, that people who've chosen not to. Smoke are no longer going to be forced to subsidize the poor health choices of people who have chosen to smoke. And you do this in a couple of ways, first through Anti Smoking Campaigns, Public Service Announcements that sorta of thing and forcing people who have chosen to smoke, to pay for the. Healthcare that they are going to need as a result of their smoking, instead of giving them free healthcare at emergency rooms, you have them pay for their own healthcare that will be needed as. A result of their smoking, through tobacco taxes, tax tobacco to the point that it can cover or at least cover most of the healthcare costs that come from smoking.
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