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Monday, October 29, 2012

AlterNet: Alex Kane: "Mitt Romney's Terrifying Plans For FEMA and Disaster Relief"

Mitt Romney's Terrifying Plans for FEMA and Disaster Relief | Alternet

Looks like I might of found something I agree with Mitt Romney on and perhaps the only thing we agree on. In this Presidential Election, which would give States and Locals more flexibility and authority to respond to disasters, natural and man made. Governments who are right on the scene and can see exactly what's going on, instead of having to call FEMA or the Federal Emergency Management Agency. They would already have the resources and money to deal with these issues and for the States and Locals that. Don't have those resources even after decentralizing FEMA, they get hit by a huge storm and couldn't if possibly had all of the resources to adequately respond to it or perhaps are a poor State or community. Then the Federal Government could come in and assist them, give them the money to deal with the disaster at hand.
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