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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Salon: GOP: "Gays Out of the Party"

GOP: Gays Out of the Party

Unless you have a 1950s view of America, where this country was about as culturally Conservative as Saudi Arabia today. You don't fit into the GOP, you are seen as Liberal or Socialist. Log Cabin Republicans are exactly the type of people the GOP needs to hold into to be viable in the future. Because they are real get government out of the boardroom and bedroom Conservative Republicans, that could compete in any big. State and media market in the country, unlike Neoconservatives who don't do very well outside of small towns and States. Because they are seen as crazy and people who claim to love America but don't love America, because we don't have this small tent theory of what it means to be an American today or at any point. And people who want to control how Americans live their lives, while at the same time claiming to be American Patriots.
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