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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Salon: Greg Olear, The Weeklings: "If Only it Made Sense to Vote For a Third Party"

If only it made sense to vote for a third party

If you asked every Progressive in America, who they would prefer to vote for based on ideology, probably 99%. Or more of them would choose to vote for Jill Stein of the Green Party, she supports Single Payer Medicare For All when it comes to healthcare, she supports letting all of the Bush Tax Cuts expire, including. On the Middle Class, she supports a Constitutional Amendment that would ban private money in Federal Elections, she's not only against Corporate Welfare but would like to increase taxes on corporations. Eliminate a lot of Tax Loopholes and raise taxes on everyone, she's a dove when it comes to Foreign Policy and National Security and probably Law Enforcement as well, would like to cut the Defense Budget. By 50% or more and put all of the money into Social Insurance Programs, she supports the Green New Deal. Which would give the Federal Government a lot of power when it comes to Economic and Job Growth, similar to the 1930s with the New Deal with all sorts of new Federal Programs creating all sorts of new. Federal Employees and so fourth.

But as most Americans know, not all elections are about who voters prefer ideologically but who voters believe. Has the best shot at beating the candidate they prefer the least, which is why most if not all Progressive Democrats will stay home and vote Democratic in 2012 because they don't want Mitt Romney as. President to go along with a Tea Party Congress and they know that President Obama has the only shot at beating Governor Romney and in some ways they actually like President Obama. Which is just one reason why President Obama will probably be reelected in November, because of his base.

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