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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Salon: Matt Stoller: "The Progressive Case Against President Obama"

The progressive case against Obama

I could write both a Liberal case against President Obama as a Liberal, as well as why Progressives should be. Unhappy with the President as well and maybe I'll write the Liberal case against President Obama in the future. But the Progressive case against President Obama is interesting to me for a couple of reasons, one that Barack Obama is not the Socialist that Right Wingers think he is or that Progressives were hoping he. Was when they through all of their support behind him in 2008, instead of Dennis Kucinich whose the real thing when it comes to Progressivism or three their support behind the Green Party in 2012 as well. The other thing that makes the Progressive case against President Obama interesting, is that Progressives really. Didn't do their homework, if you look at the campaign that then Candidate Obama ran in 2007-08 in the Democratic Primaries and the campaign he ran in the General Election in 2008. It was almost like watching two different Presidential Candidates, the first one being the Progressive Democrat. The second being at best from a Progressive perspective a Liberal Democrat but more of a Moderate-Liberal.

President Obama has essentially governed as a Moderate-Liberal which is how most Democratic Presidents have. Governed and that doesn't mean he's a Moderate-Liberal ideologically but he's decided that he inherited a lot of problems that had to be addressed and understood what the political situation was or figured. It out later on, that there are the policies that he wanted to put in place, like a Public Option when it came to Healthcare Reform, an Insurance Plan for big banks if not break them up and things he would like to. Do as it relates to Immigration Reform and Deficit Reduction but that he's just the President he doesn't have all of the power. And has to work with other Democrats and sometimes even the opposition to get things done as well and sometimes that means not getting everything that you want to get done. And as a result President Obama has moved more to the center then I believe he would like to of done.
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